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Together for a better healthcare journey with environmental sustainability

The Sysmex Way, the corporate philosophy of the Sysmex Group, defines our mission of Shaping the advancement of healthcare. Sysmex India is continuously increasing its horizon and today, Sysmex India delivers total solutions in the field of clinical laboratory testing, including hematology, hemostasis, urinalysis, clinical chemistry, flowcytometry, life science, and scientific services.

In anticipation of increased demand for testing in India’s high-growth market, Sysmex India has decided to construct the new manufacturing base in Sanand, Ahmedabad, in order to ensure a stable supply of products in the medium to long term through maintenance and expansion of the existing manufacturing structure. Its products and solutions continuously help improve patient clinical services and efficiency advances resulting in cost savings, which in turn translate into the delivery of better patient care.

Globally, Sysmex has a presence in over 190 countries and supplies its products and services. With the tagline Together for a better healthcare journey, Sysmex is committed toward better patient care.

Sysmex operates in the healthcare domain, which continues to evolve and develop, constantly changing its form as new needs are created by advances in science and society. Within the healthcare domain, the value of diagnostics is also increasing. Development is a way of life in Sysmex, and despite being a leader in hematology, Sysmex is working to distribute new screening equipment to continually meet customers’ expectations.

Sysmex India continuously gives back to society through corporate social responsibility, and has cultivated a culture of sustainability at its Mumbai corporate office and Baddi manufacturing plant. Sustainability improves the quality of our lives, protects our ecosystem, and preserves natural resources for future generations. At Sysmex, sustainability is associated with our organization’s holistic approach, considering everything from manufacturing to logistics to customer services. Blood donation camps, tree plantations, and assistance for underprivileged kids are routine activities done at Sysmex India level.

The Indian market is diverse at the level of socio-economic factors, various languages as well as healthcare systems. Expanding and advancing our business foundation is the core of Sysmex’s strategy for India. Sysmex is a market leader in the hematology field, and we are constantly improving and innovating so that in the coming years we will be ready to take a major step toward Make in India. In the past few years, we have grown considerably the field of urinalysis, and are aiming to establish ourselves as a market leader even this field, and we take pride in the fact that we are already established as the numero uno market position in the field of hematology.

While we have achieved a lot, there is still a lot more we have to do. We are halfway through FY23 now and are aiming to:

  • Create innovative diagnostics values as a top IVD company.
  • Expand and achieve high growth through proactive investment in the key field of our conventional IVD domain in the field of hematology, urinalysis, and hemostasis.
  • Introduce new business to achieve dynamic growth via the launch of clinical flow cytometry solutions and life science like XF-1600 (multicolor flow cytometry analyzer), PS-10 (flow cytometry sample preparation system), FISH probes, and NGS products.
  • Great place to work with equal opportunities for employees. Enrich the talent portfolio, which contributes to strategy execution, and creates an attractive climate that leverages diverse talent.

One of the key strategies in FY23 is to bring focus on our new launches. We are a global leader in multiple IVD category, including hematology, urinalysis, and hemostasis and a new entrant in automation workflow. Sysmex now is introducing a next level of automation of flow cytometry. Our flow cytometry system comprises PS-10 sample preparation system, Rotolavit-II-S automatic cell washing centrifuge, XF-1600 flow cytometer, Abs portfolio, ancillary reagents, and VenturiOne data analysis software. With this, highly trained operators are no longer needed and can save their hours spent manually pipetting, thereby using their valuable time for more complex analytical activities with Sysmex’s next-level of automation of flow cytometers.

Going forward, Sysmex aims to continue to strengthen its sales and support network and provide excellent services to clients as it strives to contribute to the development of healthcare in India, and maintain its leadership position in hematology, coagulation, and urinalysis.

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