Transforming SHCs And PHCs As Health And Wellness Centres

As per the budget announcement 2017-18, 1.5 lakh health sub centres and primary health centres are to be transformed into health and wellness centres (HWCs) by December, 2022. The roll out plan of Ayushman Bharat – HWCs is 15,000 HWCs in FY 2018-19; 25,000 (cumulative 40,000) HWCs in FY 2019-20; 30,000 (cumulative 70,000) HWCs in FY 2020-21; 40,000 (cumulative 110,000) HWCs in FY 2021-2022; and 40,000 (cumulative 150,000) till December 31, 2022. As part of Ayushman Bharat, the government is supporting the states for strengthening sub centres and primary health centres as health and wellness centres for provision of comprehensive primary care that includes preventive and health promotion at the community level with continuum of care approach. Universal screening, prevention, and management of common non-communicable diseases have been rolled out across the country. States are using a Community Based Assessment Checklist (CBAC) for universal screening of 30+ population to sensitize and mobilize community for availing services for chronic illnesses at HWCs. In the current year against target of 15,000 HWCs by March, 2019, approval has been accorded to states/UTs for over 21,000 HWCs. As per information reported by the states/UTs on HWC portal 8030 HWCs are operational as on February 04, 2019.

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