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We are exuberant about Mindray India’s growth in the country, and the overall response received from the customers has been phenomenal. We have been growing at a very healthy and consistent rate. Most of our popular Mindray products have performed exceptionally well in their own categories, like patient monitoring and life support, in-vitro diagnostics, and ultrasound imaging systems. We sincerely thank our customers for their trust and constant support to Mindray.

Our aim is to make healthcare within reach. This is because in most situations, high-quality and advanced healthcare is not reachable for most people. Expensive devices, complex technologies, operation cost, and even geopolitical facts have prevented many people from getting the best healthcare possible. Healthcare professionals are fighting every day to provide better healthcare for more patients. As the supporter behind these heroes, Mindray believes it is time for the industry to give every life respect, and put patient in the first place. Our passion is to improve healthcare by optimizing and sharing medical technologies with the world so as to provide better care for more people. Mindray takes it as its responsibility to bring medical expertise to more people

We work with clinical professionals to thoroughly understand and rapidly respond to patients’ needs. We adapt latest technologies to clinical workflow. We deliver solutions that are accessible, reliable, and easy-to-use, so healthcare professionals can always take care of the patients, not the equipment. Above all, we do it with humanity in mind.

Mindray India is setting a pace in the coming years and expects to see an exponential growth in meeting market expectations. India is a very promising healthcare market. Modernization and advanced treatments are making a huge impact on the healthcare system. But at the same time, the growing disease burden is adding strain. Mindray understands it is its duty to address the system’s challenges and realizes its role in improving the overall system efficiency. In the healthcare industry, the dependence on medical technology cannot be overstated, and as a result of the development of these brilliant innovations, healthcare practitioners can continue to find ways to improve their practice.

Being a leading developer, manufacturer, and marketer of medical devices worldwide, inspired by the needs of our customers, we adopt advanced technologies and transform them into accessible innovation, bringing healthcare within reach. Mindrays’ research and development team is constantly developing new technologies that will change the definition of healthcare worldwide. With a goal to be a trusted partner in building healthier Bharat, Mindray is a complete solution provider, and will continue delivering products and services that effectively meet customer needs.

Today, the company has cemented its position as a leading global medical technology provider. The year 2020 ahead will be path-breaking for us. The Indian market will witness a spree of new innovations from Mindray in the coming year that will put the power of care giving in the hands of the medical professionals. The entire Mindray team is putting their best and striving together to bring healthcare within reach, and build a healthier Bharat.

Our strong distribution channels and fully integrated service networks ensure that Mindray products reach the remotest corner of the country. It is because of the success we have met, the synergy we have found, the barriers we have knocked down, and the opportunities we have built-up that Mindray has added to a long line of achievements. The future is bright. Mindray is stronger than ever before and ready to push the limits. The year 2019 presented us with so many memorable moments to record. The past has been great and the future is definitely brighter.

Stay tuned with Mindray and envision more. All of us in Mindray are doing our best to make customers satisfied. At the end of the day, it is the satisfied customers that create long-term value for us.

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