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MedTech 2022

Ultrasound equipment

BPL Medical Technologies
X-Cube 90
Super premium high end color doppler and 3D/4D machine with 23-inch full HD LED screen with IPS technology.

X-Cube 70
23-inch full HDLED monitor with IPS technology & full screen imaging, Single crystal & high-density wideband transducer for enhanced resolution & penetration.

E-Cube 12
A 21.5-inch high-definition LED main monitor with inplane switching technology and a wider field of view.

E- Cube 8 Diamond
Latest i7 processor with SSD for high frame rate images.

E- Cube i7
A portable machine built around a cart based system architecture with 15.6-inch LED screen.

Fujifilm India

Complete solution for radiology, surgery, urology, women’s health, advance cardiovascular; 22-inch OLED monitor with 10.4-inch touch panel with connectivity of 4 active probes and 2 parking probe; Variable beamformer- eFocusing – Transmission and reception technology to achieve clarity of imaging from near to far field. Reduced focus dependency and patient dependency.

Fujifilm Sonosite

The versatile M-Turbo ultrasound system gives you M-Turbo: Highly versatile true compact system with high performance imaging and ease of use for operating rooms, bedside sonography, emergency wards, critical care, shared services, and remote field applications.

GE Healthcare

Voluson P6
Excellent 2D images; easy 3D imaging; advanced color doppler to provide deeper insight into vascular anatomy and function; exceptional penetration with consistent image quality to help with difficult-to-image patients; one-touch image optimization for fast efficient imaging.

Voluson P8
Excellent 2D images; advanced color doppler; exceptional penetration with consistent image quality; one-touch image optimization for fast efficient imaging; easy 3D imaging for additional anatomical views for thorough assessments.

Voluson S8
Build on Voluson core architecture; superb 2D and 3D image quality optimized for clarity and detail; quickly assess vascular anatomy and functions with advanced color doppler; achieve the penetration needed for all exam and body types; exceptional anatomical realism with HDlive technology for 3D and 4D imaging.

Mindray Medical

Resona i9
Innovative ultrasound for shared service application powered by ZST technology for premium IQ and advanced applications.

Nuewa i9
Innovative ultrasound for women’s health applications powered by ZST technology for premium IQ and intelligent 3D applications.

Xinsight series DC80, DC70 Exp, and DC60 Exp
Intelligent ultrasound for shared service applications for confident diagnosis.

DC40Crytsal and DC30FHD
Dependable women’s health applications in ultrasound.

M6,MX7,M8,TE7, and TE9
Choice of innovative POC ultrasound for anesthesia, ICU, and OT.

Philips Healthcare

Value systems ideal for OB/GYN & small shared service centres.

Performance systems for general imaging.

Premium systems built to cater to high volume environm.


The premier model of the HERA platform, will help you get more insight in diagnosis with its intuitive visualizations, precise analytic features, and instant operation.


ACUSON Sequoia
Powered by BioAcoustic technology can reduce the effects of ultrasound variability between users, patients and technology.

ACUSON Redwood
A premium ultrasound system that delivers detailed image quality, advanced technologies and greater workflow efficiency.

Trivitron Healthcare

SonoRad V40
Provides maximum value at an affordable cost and is ideal for nursing homes, diagnostic centres and large & mid-size hospitals.

SonoRad Excellence
A new standalone high end color doppler ultrasound that offers the innovative HI16 Beam Forming platform built with sophisticated image processing technologies and smart solution design, exquisite image quality, advanced intellectual tools and efficient workflow for a wide range of applications.

SonoRad V60
Powered to deliver superior image quality and also dedicated to improve diagnostic confidence, while delivering easy-to-use system operation during routine scanning with wide range of clinical application.

Wisonic Navi
A premium point-of-care ultrasound solution with cutting-edge technology for precise navigation improving quality of care and patient safety during critical care procedures. It is specifically designed to be indispensable as previously difficult tasks become routine with sight. It is simple to use and durable with best-in-class image quality. With its vision for precise navigation, and conceptual design, it is setting up a new standard for anesthesia ultrasound.

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