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United Imaging Healthcare releases 2023 annual report

United Imaging Healthcare has released their 2023 annual report. The report reveals that the company achieved 11.41 billion CNY in revenue in 2023, marking a stable increase of 23.52%. Net income attributable to the shareholders of the parent company was 1.97 billion CNY, reflecting a YoY increase of 19.21 %.

The company also released its first quarter report for 2024. The report shows that in Q1 2024, United Imaging Healthcare recorded revenue of 2.35 billion CNY and net income attributable to the shareholders of 0.36 billion CNY, an increase of 6.22% and 10.20% respectively.

In the past year, United Imaging Healthcare has adhered to their globalization strategy, expanding the sales network to cover major developed and emerging markets around the world. By the end of 2023, the company’s global customer base had covered over 65 countries and regions. The company has obtained more than 700 product registration certificates or quality management system certifications, with 45 products receiving CE certification and 44 products passing FDA 510(k) registrations, allowing them to be commercially available in the US. In 2023, the company’s overseas main business achieved YoY growth of over 54.72 %, reaching 1.68 billion CNY. Notably, sales of the company’s high-end equipment experienced rapid growth.

The expanding market share is bolstered by the company’s steadfast commitment to research and development (R&D) innovation. The report illustrates that United Imaging Healthcare has made substantial investments in enhancing its technology and solutions in 2023, totaling 1.92 billion CNY.

In the past few years, United Imaging Healthcare has made new breakthroughs in collaborating with world-renowned universities and clinical and scientific research institutions such as Yale University and UC Davis, resulting in pioneering advancements like the advanced molecular imaging device for the brain. Complementing these collaborations, the company’s commitment to healthcare accessibility is demonstrated by initiatives like partnering with GIC Prime in India and deploying a mobile PET/CT unit in Piacenza, Italy. These efforts underscore United Imaging Healthcare’s dedication to “Equal Healthcare for All.”
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