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UP hospitals get major financial push in state budget

Medical education institutes in the state capital those have been reeling under considerable patient load for the past several years got a major push in the budget for quality research and execution of their expansion plans.

The allocation in the budget also clarified the state government’s intention to make these centres grow in terms of research and education. Major rise in budget allocation was there for premier medical institutes for new equipment and starting new treatment centres.

King George’s Medical University (KGMU), Sanjay Gandhi Postgraduate Institute of Medical Sciences (SGPGIMS) and Ram Manohar Lohia Institute of Medical Sciences (RMLIMS) got major push in the budget. These institutes have got more funds this time as compared to previous year’s budget.

The SGPGIMS has got a budget of ₹1160.50 crore under various heads. ₹100 crore has been set aside for construction work, ₹75 crore is for purchase of medical equipment, ₹3.50 crore is for purchase of medical equipment for tertiary care cancer centres (TCCC) and ₹20 crore for purchase of medical equipment in trauma centre. There is a budgetary allocation of ₹300 crore under contingency fund and ₹586,95 crore has been earmarked for salary and allowances etc.

KGMU has got ₹550 crore more this budget as compared to previous fiscal. Focus was also on diabetic retinopathy centre. “This year, we will get ₹1,640 crore and in 2023 we had got ₹1,090 crore. This will give a major push to treatment, academic and research work on campus,” said Dr Sudhir Singh, spokesperson for KGMU. The medical university got ₹3 crore for treatment of poor patients and ₹5 crore for establishing a satellite campus at Balrampur district among other funds.

KGMU that has over 4500 beds for patient admission is now planning a satellite campus that will expand its services and train more doctors in other districts. The satellite centre will be a medical college which is being developed by the state government under its One District One Medical College Scheme. ₹2 crore has been allocated for equipment for diabetic retinopathy centre at the KGMU while for equipment at medical college in Balrampur another ₹25 crore has been set aside. Also for construction activities, KGMU got ₹125 crore.

The Ram Manohar Lohia Institute of Medical Sciences (RMLIMS) got ₹324 crore more as compared to the previous fiscal. For equipment purchase and repair, the RMLIMS got ₹250 crore this year as compared to 35 crore the previous year. Also for expansion of medical education programme, the institute got ₹100 crore this year as compared to ₹85 crore last year.

“The overall budget given to the institute was ₹888 crore that was ₹563.94 crore last year,” said Prof AK Jain, spokesperson for the institute. The contingency budget allocated for RMLIMS was raised by ₹70 crore from 130 crore last time to ₹200 crore this time. This fund is used for treatment of those patients who can’t afford treatment cost.

The Kalyan Singh Super Speciality Cancer Institute and Hospital (KSSSCIH) got a major rise in budget allocation for equipment, repair and related work. This year, the institute got ₹135 crore while the amount was ₹35 crore last time which is three-fold rise. The institute now plans to start robotic surgery. “Robotic surgery will facilitate patients soon. Mammography equipment will also be bought with the budget allocated to the institute,” said Prof RK Dhiman, director of the institute.

Ayurveda college
Panchkarma training centres will be started in Lucknow and Varanasi. The budget has allocated funds for the same and the centre in Lucknow will start at Ayurveda College in Tudiyaganj. ‘Training to perform Panchkarma therapy will be given to learners who will then give treatment to patients,’ said a senior Ayurveda official. The centre will run under the guidance of experts/teachers of Ayurveda and selection of candidates will be done based on standard criteria.

Unani college
At the Unani college in Lucknow, research and treatment centre will be started along with a similar centre in Prayagraj. For this, ₹1.5 crore has been allocated. The centre will conduct research on existing methods of treatment and their impact/result upon patients. Hindustan Times

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