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UP: Plans afoot to digitally map oxygen plants in hospitals

To ensure their continued operation and prompt resolution of any issues, oxygen plants installed at government healthcare facilities in Uttar Pradesh during the Covid pandemicwill now be placed on a digital map.

Dr KN Tiwari, Medical Care Director in the Uttar Pradesh health directorate, told reporters that all 563 of the installed oxygen plants are currently being mapped. First, a list is created to determine which plants still have active warranties and which plants have been abandoned.” He said, we’ll soon hold training for 100 employees. At the district level, they will be in charge of managing and maintaining the plants. They will also train additional workers to run the oxygen plants.” The capacity of the oxygen plants varies, and they were produced by several manufacturers. Because of this, a list is being created that includes the names of the manufacturers and the kinds of tools needed for repairs.

After the mapping is complete, a third-party organisation will verify whether or not all of the plants are operational. Plants that have a problem will be fixed by personnel assigned to the job. 42 plants have currently been identified as having minor problems, and these will be fixed soon.

Following reports of a surge in Covid cases in other nations, the Uttar Pradesh health department recently held a simulated drill for oxygen plants at 400 locations in 75 districts to assess readiness.

During the pandemic, the Central government sent many oxygen plants. The corporate social responsibility (CSR) fund provided some of these. Also, several hospitals received oxygen plans from the state government.

Secretary general of the Association of International Doctors, Dr Abhishek Shukla, stated: “The state government carried out a significant exercise and made sure all significant Covid and non-Covid health facilities at hospitals and medical institutes had their own oxygen plants during the pandemic. This changed the game, and we are now more prepared.” News Track

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