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UP procures device fornon-invasive ventilation

In a bid to save more lives at secondary and tertiary care level, the Uttar Pradesh government has ordered procurement of 1,250 High Flow Nasal Cannula, a medical device needed to support normal breathing in a Covid-19 positive patient in the intensive care unit.

Use of HFNC, also recommended by the Union ministry of health and family welfare, can save a patient’s transition from severe to very severe category without the need of invasive procedures.

“If given on time, the patient may not need a ventilator to recover which is a big favour to our doctors, nurses, staff and medical centres in general. Also, the chances of saving a patient’s life are much higher in the ‘severe’ category than ‘very severe’ one,” explained additional chief secretary, medical education, Dr Rajneesh Dube.
Secretary to CM engaged in Covid care Alok Kumar said: “The equipment is being procured through the CM Covid care fund. In fact the first batch of 125 units was received by the state government on Wednesday, while the others will follow in a phased manner.”

Experts have pointed out that the novel coronavirus is known to attack lungs. Different medical literature suggests that upon entering the body, the virus attacks the air passages on the outer side of the lungs – responsible for entry into and exit from the lungs. This causes inflammation making a person cough. Each time a person coughs, nerves in the lining are irritated. If Covid-19 remains unchecked at this stage, the virus targets the alveoli (or the air sacs located at the end of the air passages) and infects it. Responsible for exchange of gas in the lung, the infected alveoli – in its bid to fight with the virus – releases inflammatory fluids, which fill the air sacs. This causes pneumonia which appears as breathing difficulty and triggers massive danger to life.- ToI

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