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In Vitro Diagnostics 2021

Urinalysis instruments

Product listing of various models available in the Indian market, with detailed features, by brand




Agappe Diagnostics Mispa Uriskan 100 Plus Reduced interference from ambient light. Advanced high luminosity cold light source with 3 wavelengths; 11 parameter strips can be used
Beacon Diagnostics Urit 50 Single channel urine chemistry analyzer giving 60 sample results in one hour and patient result storage of 5000 nos. Compatible with Urit 10G/11G and 14G urine strips
Urit 500 C Dual wavelength reflectance photometry base urine analyzer with throughput of 520 samples/Hr. System compatible with Urit 10G/11G and 14G
Beckman Coulter iRICELL Series Urinalysis Workcell The iRICELL series combines urine chemistry and microscopy in a fully automated, walk-away workcell that is easy to use and maintain. Optimize and advance urinalysis and body fluid testing in your laboratory with proprietary Digital Flow Morphology technology
Compact Diagnostics Accurine-120 Semi-automated urine analyzer; Throughput: 120 strips/hour
Accurine-240 Fully automated urine analyzer; Throughput: 240 samples/hour
Cormay Diagnostics Uritex Portable urine analysis system. Up to 60 samples /hr; Compact size with touch screen; Validated to read Cormay urine analysis strips. Memory of 2000 results
Uritex 300 Urine analysis system for faster reporting. Quick mode‒upto 800 tests/hour without incubation. One by one operation model 300 tests/hour
DiaSys Diagnostics India QDx Urilyzer DS 500 Semi-automated urine analyzer with advanced high luminosity cold light source with 4 wavelengths; test throughput of 514 strips/hr; waste urine collecting system; large LCD touchscreen
QDx Urilyzer DS 100 Test throughput of up to 120 strips/hr; computer interface and inbuilt thermal printer; provision to enter sample clarity and color
Dirui MUS-9600 Up to 480 T/H (4 modules); up to 520 samples with 2 pre-storage trays (optional); 25 formed element items
Iris Healthcare Technologies FUS-100 Urine sediment analyzer; flow cell digital imaging technology, AI identification technique; throughput of 60 samples/hr; fully automatic walk away mode after placing the samples
FUS-2000 Throughput of 120 tests/hr and 240 tests/hr; bidirectional to HIS/LIS; photoelectric colorimetry
Siemens Healthineers Atellica® 1500 Automated urinalysis system; measurement technology: digital microscopy imaging with a dual-focusing mechanism to generate clear images; combines dry-pad urine chemistry and powerful digital microscopy into a single, streamlined unit
Suyog Diagnostics DocUReader 2 Pro Semi-automated urine chemistry analyser with single strip loading facility
Sysmex UC-3500 Fully automated urine chemistry analyser; Color CMOS sensor image technology; Fast and highly accurate measurement
UF-4000/UF-5000 Modular concept for a fully automated urinalysis workflow; UTI information and bacteria differentiation in less than a minute
UD-10 Complete analysis of urine in combination with the UF-5000/4000
UN Series Systemisation Sysmex urinalysis modularity concept provides flexible and customisable configuration to improve workflow efficiency; U-WAM provides single screen result management for extraordinary ease of use while improving TAT with user’s predefined rule setting
Transasia Bio-Medicals Laura XL Fully automated urine chemistry and sediment analyzer; fast and accurate classification with quantitative determination of urine sediment; clear and sharp images with automated bright-field microscopy; automated sample aspiration, pipetting, homogenization and sedimentation for high accuracy and reproducibility of results
Laura Laura is an effective solution for objective standard and high grade measurement of urine samples, continuous loading of strips; high throughput with 400 strips /hr; memory capacity of last 2000 results; fully enclosed waste container for used strips
Laura SMART Evaluation of the urine with Laura Smart helps to eliminate any subjective interpretation of the colour reaction of the diagnostic pads and therefore remarkably contributes to the correct diagnostic of the patient; two measuring modes: Standard – 60 samples/hr and SMART timing – 240 samples/hr

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