Urinalysis Instruments and Reagents

Urinalysis Instruments




Agappe Diagnostics

Mispa Uriskan 100

Semi-automatic analyzer with 11 assay parameters; Large capacity of 1000 patient memory for reviewing; Throughput of 120 strips/hr; Built-in thermal printer; 4 wavelength cold light source to ensure result accuracy

Arkray Healthcare

Aution Eleven AE-4020

Measures 10 routine urine parameters and also microalbumin-creatinine ratio and protein-creatinine ratio; High throughput of 520 samples/hr with automatic color tone measurement function

Aution Hybrid AU-4050

Single platform for urine chemistry and sediment analysis; High throughput; Interactive graphical display; True walk-away system

PocketChem UA PU-4010

Compact urine analyzer with multiple functions; Palm-sized meter driven by two batteries; Highly reliable test results with creatinine compensation


Orinalyser U120 – Single Strip Urine Analyzer

Facility to use single strip option as well as continuous strip option

Arkray Healthcare

AUTION Sticks 

Urine test strips covering all items necessary for urine testing

 Beckman Coulter

iRICELL Series

Fully automated with increased specificity, standardization, and throughput

iChemVELOCITY Series

Fully automated with throughput of up to 210 samples/hr

iQ200 Series

Auto-particle recognition (APR) and digital flow morphology technology

DiaSys Diagnostics India

QDx Urilyzer DS 100

Test throughput of up to 120 strips/hr; Computer interface and in built thermal printer; Provision to enter sample clarity and color

QDx Urilyzer DS 500

Semi-automated urine analyzer with advanced high luminosity cold light source with 4 wavelengths; Test throughput of 514 strips/hr; Waste urine collecting system; Large LCD touch-screen

DK Enzymes & Chemicals


Glucose Oxidase and Peroxidase

Kee Diagnostics


Compact design urine analyzer with easy operation

Medsource Ozone Biomedicals

Cybow Reader R50

Throughput of 45 test/hr; On-board printer; Memory for 300 samples; Runs 2-10 parameters/run; CE marked

Combilyzer 13

13 parameters urine strips and reader; Estimates micro albumin/creatinine ratio; On-board printer; 60-100 tests/hr speed



Atomated urine analyzer with throughput up to 60 tests/hr; Cold light source with high luminosity, long shelf life; Innovative light sensor, high sensitivity; Automatic calibration improves accuracy; Flag abnormal results


600 strips/hr throughput; Automatic detection of strip placing and testing; Large LCD touchscreen or keypad configuration; Automatic used strip collection; Storage of 2000 test results; Multifunctional software

Suyog Diagnostics

DocuReader 2 Pro

Semi-automated single strip urine analyzer

LabuReader Plus

Semi-automated multiple strip urine analyzer

LabuMat 2

Fully automated multiple strip urine analyzer

UriSed Mini

Fully automated urine sedimantation analyzer for single sample loading

UriSed 3

Fully automated urine sedimantation analyzer for multiple sample loading


UF Series

Accurate and precise urine sediment; Analysis by using advanced fluorescence flow cytometry


Fully automated urine chemistry analyzer; Throughput up to 276 samples/hr; New technology for photometry with color CMOS sensor


Total urinalysis workflow; Intuitive user interface with color liquid crystal touch panel; Throughput of 50 samples/hr; Particle imaging by high definition CCD camera

Transasia Bio-Medicals

Laura M

Next-generation urine analyzer with continuous loading of strips; Touchscreen color TFT screen; Throughput of 600 samples/hr; Automatic dry strip detection; Built-in thermal printer; Waste container for collection of used test strips


Compact urine strip reader with portable mode using batteries; Easy operation via color TFT touchscreen; Throughput of 60 samples/hr (standard mode) and 240 samples/hr (SMART testing mode); Built-in thermal printer; External communication to PC by RS232



Easy to use; Internal calibration for sensitivity of strips; Dual wavelength reflectance; 3 LED wavelength (550, 620 and 720 nm); Fast turn-around time; Compact size with large LCD display and in-built printer; Patient memory of 4000 results


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