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Vietnam to launch program to address medical waste problem

The Ministry of Health (MoH) has asked the Department of Health to oversee healthcare facilities to address issues in medical waste management and assess wastewater treatment systems.

Recent inspections by the ministry reveal gaps in regulations for medical waste handling in some localities.

Additionally, certain healthcare facilities have not renewed environmental protection licences for wastewater discharge.

While some facilities adhere to waste management regulations, others lack proper waste classification and storage procedures.

Maintenance and monitoring of waste treatment facilities need improvement.

To address these issues, MoH urges provincial People’s Committees to update regulations and directs the Department of Health to collaborate with the Department of Natural Resources and Environment for better enforcement.

Furthermore, public healthcare facilities’ wastewater treatment systems require assessment and possible upgrades. Enhanced inspections and strict enforcement of regulations are also recommended.

Healthcare facilities must adhere strictly to waste management regulations and ensure accurate reporting. Training and awareness programmes are essential, alongside timely corrective actions for identified issues. VNS

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