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Vinita Health partners with, VDOC Clinics, and Niramaya Pathlabs

Chennai-based Vinita Health today announced an integrated partnership with VDOC Clinics, and Niramaya Pathlabs aimed at making healthcare more affordable and accessible and to streamline the patient journey in the healthcare ecosystem.

Vinita Health and Vinita Hospital are a unit of Vijay Ganga Specialty Care Pvt Ltd. The partnership is to provide a patient experience, in line with National Health Services (NHS) guidelines that focuses on access, consistency, and coordination of care, Vinita Health said.

Through its partnership with VDOC Clinics, Vinita Health aims to create multiple clinics spread across the city and take telemedicine to the next level by providing real time access to doctors at Vinita Hospital. These clinics will be manned by VDOC nurses, who are trained to manage multi-specialty issues.

Digital solution for health is a comprehensive digital solution to understand the day-to-day habits of an individual. Through its proprietary algorithm, develops a ‘Life-plan’ for individuals with a focus on lifestyle management to prevent, manage or reverse chronic conditions like diabetes. Through this partnership, Vinita Hospital will generate awareness about personal health and take healthcare to the doorstep of individuals.

The partnership with Niramaya Pathlabs is aimed at providing accurate and affordable diagnostics services for all at their doorsteps supporting Vinita Health’s three-layered healthcare strategy.

“We are delighted to embark upon these partnerships as they will accelerate our path towards our goal of providing world-class healthcare that is affordable and accessible along with global standards yet delivering it with Indian values,” Vinod K Dasari, Chairman of Vinita Health, said. The Hindu BusinessLine

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