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Whatever we do is inspired by our vision, mission, and values

Thirty three years back we had set a vision to make available medical equipment at a reasonable price so that we could contribute to the public health system of the country. The mission was to facilitate the availability of diagnostic capabilities of experts working in far flung areas. The task was huge and there were challenges on the way but we could tackle them on the strength of our commitment to achieve the goal which we had set for ourselves. As we enter into our 34th year of operations, we are really proud of having achieved a substantial part of our vision. The vision inspired us all, gave strength to overcome the constraints which every business has to face.

Our vision to create a better everyday life for many people, bring inspiration and innovation in every product we make is what we have always hoped to accomplish. Having a vision has given us a clear focus so that we can avoid going in the wrong direction. As a result by virtue of our commitment and customers trust we are a brand to reckon with, as a true Indian MNC.

Recently we have incorporated another company, Allengers OEM Pvt Ltd. This entity has been set up for manufacturing of parts/components of medical equipment such as X-ray tubes, collimators, flat panel detectors, monitors, high voltage cables, and exposure switches These products have good demand being an integral part of the crucial manufacturing chain for the related industry.

As part of the proposed investment, Allengers OEM would set up domestic manufacturing facility in India for manufacturing the key components. These components, which are currently imported by Allengers and other manufacturers in India, would be further used for manufacture of medical equipment. As such with domestic production of these components by Allengers OEM, the dependence on import would substantially decrease, thus helping to achieve an Atmanirbhar Bharat.

Our company provides sustainable solutions for the medical industry. This effort helps our customers to meet their sustainability goals. This in turn inspires us to provide greater value addition and more effective solutions.

In this direction we have also launched India’s first CT in joint development with a Japanese company. Also, we have recently launched a light weight truly portable high frequency mobile X-ray unit with an advantage to sync with a FPD and a mobile DR with AI. We have also received USFDA for flat panel C-arm (Digiscan Series). This will further enable clinicians to perform better. And since all this is coming from the House of Allengers, we have been getting many positive enquiries.

The 33-year journey of Allengers has been a dynamic period of acceleration of various indigenous innovations by combining strong technological competencies and engineering services with expertise to create newer things. The content and scope of the tasks we had undertaken posed inspiring challenge to Allengers team. Only that organization can succeed which has a dedicated team of engineers and a focused leadership. Fortunately for us we have the advantage of having both. Our innovation and development continues to evolve and this is all due to the incredible team at Allengers.

Allengers, an independent and highly specialized medical equipment manufacturer is not only focused on developing medical equipment which are the need of the hour but also engaged in providing value for money spent on equipment. This is deeply enshrined in our corporate vision and mission.

We are striving to become the most admired company of the country besides earning recognition at the world stage. Allengers think tank is always, thinking forward! As a think tank the company processes technical knowledge into new medical quality products and solutions for users and patients.

The appreciation we get from our customers is the real source of our strength. This inspires us to create specimens of great work and application, and be recognized as an enterprise committed in providing quality equipment.

This journey of Allengers has also been fully satisfying due to the great faith and support of each and everyone. Even during this ongoing period of COVID crisis, we have tried to put our best efforts by standing alongside wherever needed to contribute the best way we could and would continue to do so.