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With world-class facilities, India emerging as medical tourism hub

In recent years, medical tourism has emerged as a burgeoning industry, offering individuals seeking healthcare services the opportunity to travel internationally for treatment. Among the leading destinations in this rapidly growing market is India, renowned for its world-class medical facilities, highly trained healthcare professionals, and cost-effective treatment options. At the forefront of promoting India as a premier medical tourism destination are specialised medical tourism agencies. These agencies play a pivotal role in marketing India’s healthcare services to a global audience, facilitating seamless access to top-notch medical facilities, and ensuring a comfortable experience for patients travelling from abroad.

Speaking about the medical tourism process and offering in her organisation, Annu Puri, one of the co-founders and director at IndiCure said, “We prioritise transparency and clear communication to guide clients throughout their medical journey.”We offer comprehensive information on procedures, costs, and outcomes through our website and materials. Dedicated case managers provide continuous support and address concerns promptly. We prioritise informed decision-making by ensuring clients understand treatment options and facilitating direct communication with healthcare providers. We maintain transparency in costs, providing detailed breakdowns and assistance in managing expenses.”

“To ensure a smooth experience, we provide comprehensive support tailored to their needs. Before their trip, we offer detailed information on Indian culture and healthcare practices. We conduct one-on-one sessions to explain customs and etiquette. Our team assists in selecting healthcare providers sensitive to cultural differences and facilitates direct communication. We arrange interpreters if needed and handle logistics like transportation and accommodation. Throughout their journey, our multilingual staff remains available to address any challenges, ensuring a comfortable experience for our clients,” she added.

Speaking about India being an attractive destination for medical tourists, she said, “India’s allure as a medical tourism destination stems from several key factors, which our organisation maximises to offer top-notch experiences. With world-class medical facilities and skilled professionals across specialties, including plastic surgery, cardiology, and oncology, India provides advanced care. Patients can also enjoy India’s rich cultural heritage and scenic beauty during recovery. Leveraging these strengths, we provide comprehensive packages, including personalised treatment plans, travel assistance, and cultural orientation. Collaborating with accredited hospitals and experienced professionals, we ensure a seamless journey from consultation to follow-up, delivering exceptional value and satisfaction to our clients.”

Speaking about his medical agency, founder & CEO of Yapita Health Anurag Singh said, “Yapita Health offers a wide range of services to international patients seeking medical treatment in India. We provide the fastest treatment plan and second medical opinion using AI from top global doctors, catering to the specific needs of foreign patients. Using our AI platform, we facilitate the matching of patients with top global doctors based on their symptoms, diagnosis, and reports, ensuring that they receive personalised and high-quality medical care in India. We also help with the visa, flights and other logical needs.”

Speaking about India delivering high-quality medical care at a fraction of the cost than other western countries, he said, “India’s renowned reputation for delivering high-quality medical care at a fraction of the cost compared to Western countries is a significant factor attracting international patients to seek treatment here. The cost-low cost of medical treatments in India, combined with the expertise of top global doctors, offers international patients a compelling opportunity to receive world-class healthcare solutions without the financial burden associated with treatments in their home countries. I myself have lived the last 5 years in Western countries and I see more and more people flying to countries like India, Turkey, and UAE for treatments because they have been tired of being on the waiting list or paying a lot more locally.” Asian Voice

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