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X-Ray Equipment

Product listing of various models available in the Indian market, with detailed capabilities and features, by brand




Agfa Healthcare

DX-D 600

High-productivity, excellent image quality, direct radiography system with leading-edge design in three configurations from manual, to semi-automatic to fully-automatic. A family of ceiling mounted systems with said configurations, is ideal for facilities with a high patient load that are looking to streamline workflow and increase throughput


Step into digital imaging with the easy payment scheme; versatile and cost-effective; multiple study capabilities; ideal for space restricted environments; low total cost of ownership; robust and reliable solution; networking capabilities deliver seamless integration

DR retrofit

An affordable upgrade to DR; cassette-less DR solution provides productivity and workflow benefits,; dose reduction potential through cesium iodide (CsI) wireless detectors; wireless detectors that are ideal for mobile use

Musica image processing

Next generation, gold-standard Image processing, always state-of-the-art; MUSICA (multi-scale image contrast amplification) image processing software enhances both image quality and workflow for radiographers and radiologists; latest technology improvements provide more detail in images and enable confident, comfortable reading

Allengers Medical Systems 

Mobilelx DR systems

Mobile digital radiography systems with kW ratings of 15, 20, 32; 17-inch touchscreen operating console; battery powered, motor assisted, separate power pack for X-ray generator, motor drive, and console PC

Rollx DR systems

Light-weight mobile DR system; most suitable for fast bedside radiography; compact foot print enables it to be wheeled in space constrained areas; 6 and 15 kW models

BPL Medical Technologies

M-Rad 3.5 DR

A high frequency digital mobile X-ray solution. Compact and light weight in design and superior image quality at low radiation dosage. Ideal for patient wards, intensive care, operating rooms etc

M-Rad 100

100mA, 100PPS line frequency mobile X-ray solution. Advanced user-friendly operator console with an alphanumeric LCD display. X-ray counter with password protections and an internal memory function with a state-of-the-art microcontroller

H-Rad 32

32KW high frequency fixed X-ray solution. An advanced user-friendly operator console with soft touch control panel. Self- diagnostic program to minimize downtime and density control for improved images

M-Rad 3.6

100kHz ultra high frequency technology ensures that only useful dose is produced over the entire duration of the exposure while suppressing the skin dose. 3.5 kw output X-ray generator. Semi-concealed cable design for hygienic advantages in hospital use. Ergonomically design product with easy maneuverability and more storage space

X-Rad 300

125KV, 300mA line frequency fixed X-ray. Alphanumeric LCD display with 4×20 characters for easy viewing. Precise selection of KV (1KVp/Step). 155 anatomical programming features for precise selection of KV & mAs based on patient’s anatomy and compatible tables

X-Rad 100

Powered by an advanced user friendly operator console with soft touch control of all radiographic parameters. Uses state-of-the-art microcontroller to control various functions and features. Equipped with an alphanumeric LCD display. X-Rad 100 has user configurable anatomical programming. Self-diagnostic program. X-ray Counter with password protection. Memory to retain last selected factors

Carestream Health

DRX-mobile retrofit kits

Carestream’s mobile retrofit kits use a single wireless detector to convert an existing mobile X-ray equipment—regardless of supplier—to a DR system, fast and cost effectively. Designed to integrate seamlessly with any existing mobile X-ray equipment; capture, view and share high-quality medical images from the bedside; self-powered and rechargeable


Industry’s first mobile X-ray system with a fully automatic collapsible column; easy to maneuver and can make a 360-degree turn effortlessly; ideal for portable chest, ICU, orthopedic and pediatric imaging; the revolutions ergonomically designed bins allow storage for gloves, extra batteries, markers, bags and lockable storage for the detector

DRX-Evolution plus

Ceiling suspended digital x-ray system; greater flexibility extended tube column; high-performance generator; new led lighting for enhanced functionality and aesthetics; forward-looking design to accommodate advanced imaging applications in the future

MobileDaRt Evolution MX8 Version

Shimadzu Medical (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Endless pursuit of high image quality has led to the evolution of FDR D-EVO II DR detectors, with choice of broad range of panel options (i.e., based on size and scintillator material) and system options (i.e., FDR Smart F, FDR Smart X, or FDR Visionary Suite etc.) to match their clinical needs equipped with light weight design; only 2.6 kg with a replaceable battery, 14×17-inch model; internal memory that allows detector-only image storage; IPX6 waterproofing, and load resistant performance for peace of mind during use; LED indicators on detector edge confirm center location and distinguish multiple detectors in department; the rounded form of the detector edges makes handling and patient positioning easy; added safety measure against hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) which include Fujifilm’s Hydro AG anti-bacterial coating

FDR SMART F (floor mount DR systems)

Fujifilm latest high-quality, cost-effective, floor mount digital radiography system; ceiling free system can be easily installed in limited spaces and easy to use, this user friendly system will bring upon a smart workflow comes with flat panel detector which is available in wired and wireless configuration; comes with stable and wide range of power ratings (40, 52, 68, and 82 kW) to match your necessity

FDR Smart X

Newly developed X-ray system, providing multi-function, high-quality, offers floor mount and ceiling suspended X-ray tube configurations options; comes with stable and wide range of power ratings (40, 52, 68, 82 kW) to match your necessity; upgradable to advance options like auto tracking, auto positioning, auto filtration, auto collimation, automatic tilting wall stand, fail safe switch

GE Healthcare 

Optima IGS 320 (flat panel cath lab)

Cardiovascular imaging within reach; excellent RoI; industry high DQE and advance stent viewing applications

Optima IGS 330 (flat panel cath lab)

A true combo system designed to cater to an array of cardio, vascular, neuro interventional imaging needs

Innova IGS 520 (flat panel cath lab)

An interventional system with advanced applications that support advance cardiovascular procedures like TAVI and electrophysiology procedures

Philips Healthcare 

Primary Diagnost DR

Intuitive and faster workflow with fully integrated DR system; images are available on screen just six seconds after acquisition

DuraDiagnost DR

Versatile single detector DR system; high reliability with proven DR technology; outstanding workflow efficiency with two DR detectors in one room

MobileDiagnost WDR

Battery operated mobile DR system used for higher throughput and efficient workflow, collapsible column makes it more compact; apt for OT and sterile environment



A fully motorized moving system that enables access even to tight spaces and slightly inclined hallways

AccE GM85

The ultra-compact, ultra-light design allows advanced mobility even in tight spaces

AccE GC85A

AccE GC85A enables fully automated operation along with the THU, motorized wall stand and patient table


Innovative and cutting-edge ceiling type digital radiography system; offers superior image performance and improved throughput

Shimadzu Medical India 


Multi-functional universal RF system with advanced application; wide coverage of patient body; dose reduction and management; remote-controlled type


Flexible configuration; possible even DR + fluoroscopy (all-in-one system with a portable FPD); dose reduction and management; remote-controlled type

RADspeed Pro

Sophisticated operability and a lot of options; various FPDs can be assembled depending on customer demand

RADspeed Fit

Large output power achieves top-class image quality; simple operation with 432 anatomical programs; electromagnetic lock system; X-ray tube arm swivel capability

EZy-Rad Pro EFX version

Clear images provide high-quality diagnosis; remote lamp illumination function; easy-to-set 432 anatomical programs; features for dose care; compact size

MobileDaRt Evolution MX8 version

Great forward visibility offering peace of mind; intuitive maneuverability; positioning, exposure from any direction; on-site image verification on a large LCD monitor; high sensitivity compact FPD for pediatric care

MobileArt Evolution MX7 version

Blurring suppressed by short exposure time; intuitive maneuverability; low driving noise, ensuring quiet hospital environments; safety alarm when driving

MobileArt Eco

Superb operability supporting daily use; designed for ease-of-use and great maneuverability; reliable basic radiography functions

Opescope ACTENO

Fully counter-balanced C-arm provides extra-light and quick C-arm movements and positioning; advanced technology option (provide the proper image optimization focused to RoI which user touched in real time)


It provides unprecedented clinical value by easily visualizing lymph and blood flow during surgery. Equipped with high definition sensors, the Lightvision system displays detailed high definition images, which are especially useful for procedures requiring confirmation of blood flow through small blood vessels, such as in surgical flaps


MicroSkan Ion

Battery-operated version of MicroSkan; providing up to 200 exposures in ideal conditions on full charge, 2.8 kW, 200 kHz, 60 mA with APR; handheld plus integrated console for setting and exposure; tube-head rotation


Ultra-light mobile HF X-ray.2.8kW, 200kHz, 60mA with APR. Hand-held and integrated console for parameter setting and exposure control. 90° collimator rotation. Tube-head rotation. Suitable for NICU, ICU, trauma, ortho, and ambulance


200 kHz, 4 kW, 100 mA mobile HF X-ray; draws clean power from mains; negligible leakage radiation; easy to move (<85 kg); ± 90° collimator rotation; tube-head rotation; suitable for NICU, ICU, trauma, and ortho


32kW HF fixed RAD system.kVp: 40kV-125kV in steps of 1kV.mA: 10mA-400mA in 17 steps. mAs range: 0.32 mAs to 630 mAs in 34 steps. Exposure time range: 5 ms to 5 sec. Integrated tube head with no bulky cables. Rotating anode with dual focal spots. Fully motorized horizontal and vertical movements.120° tube head rotation.±180° tube head vertical column rotation. Four way floating table. Well routed minimal conduit for cables.10.4-inch LCD touchscreen tube head console. Floor/wall mount console with 10.4-inch LCD touchscreen (optional). Chest bucky suitable for cassette or FPD of sizes up to 17” x 17”. Handheld touchscreen console with X-ray exposure parameters. Digital angular meter for tube head positioning. LED collimator. AEC control (optional)

SkanMobile DR

Ultra-light mobile HF DR system.200 kHz, 4 kW, 100 mA with APR (anatomically programmed radiography). Integrated console on tube head. Bar-code reader for easy patient data input & storage (optional). Near zero leakage radiation. 90° collimator rotation for easy positioning. Tube-head rotation for minimal mobility patients. Quad core processor. Multiple operating system options. 12-inch QHD (2160×1440 pixels) resolution LCD display. Dual touch 10 finger capacitive touchscreen with IP-55 protection. 8GB RAM and 256 GB solid state drive. Interface-USB 3.0, LAN & HDMI. 11 hours back-up with twin batteries. Detector with direct deposit CSI scintillator, wireless panel. 14” x 17” active display area. Image preview time: <10 seconds. Exposure control: full field automatic exposure detection. Dual band 2.4GHz/5GHz wireless transmission

IntraSkan DC

Dental X-ray has packed the power and intelligence with latest dual microprocessors; sleek console with graphical LCD, displays exposure parameters, modes of operations, and self-diagnostic messages

Surgical Imaging (C-Arms)-Skan C

3.5 kW, 100 kHz HF flouro; kVp range: 40-110; mA range: 0.2-10; 1k x 1k imaging; 9-inch triple-field IITV, CAN controlled IRIS collimation; pulse fluoroscopy mode; vascular mode with DSA, trace, and roadmap

IntraSkan Digi Plus

CMOS dental sensor technology with user friendly DICOM complaint. Software provides best- in- class intraoral diagnostic radiography image quality

Trivitron Healthcare 

Kiran Ultisys DR

With 3.5kW and 20/40/52/82 kW output options

Kiran Elite/Infinity C-arm Series

Digital C-arm with motorized movements, flat panelbased digital C-arm, Elite/Infinity 1K x 1K C-arm with imaging Intensifier, HD C-arm with image intensifier

ULTISYS DR retrofit kit

Convert existing analog X-ray system to a low dose, high resolution digital radiography system. DR retrofit kit includes a flat panel detector, medical grid monitor and an intuitive software for image acquisition & image processing


Product Showcase

Comprehensive Diagnostic solutions
Thermo Fisher Scientific

In the event of a pandemic infection, like COVID-19, it may get challenging for hospitals to manage with existing CT or fixed X-ray facilities as they may not be easily accessible or disinfected.
Hence a mobile X-ray rechargeable diagnostic imaging system is a highly effective, powerful tool in emergency medical care because of its ability to examine patients who cannot be easily moved to a radiography room due to infectious concerns or physical difficulties. It is a very significant tool for pneumonia diagnosis as it can be used to examine patients in an isolated patient room or ICU. In addition, a mobile system is easier to disinfect after exams than fixed systems.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about an urgent need for such equipment in medical institutions around the world. In order to deliver that required equipment to medical institutions around the world as quickly as possible, Shimadzu will continue efforts to maximize the manufacturing output while taking measures to prevent infection.

Shimadzu’s award winning MobileDaRt Evolution is further refined into the MX8 Version featuring the collapsible column to broaden the mobile’s solutions: Responsive and maneuverable mobility;
Two second image verification offering immediacy; and A large viewing monitor for enhanced functionality.

More than a mobile, it is an experience. Evolutionary modernity!
Great forward visibility offering peace of mind The collapsible column has been developed to realize a virtually unobstructed wide field of view during travel, making it ideal for daily hospital rounds. Intuitive maneuverability Optimized power assist system delivers smooth light touch driving. The low-profile and curved shape, provides for an open space behind the mobile cart, allowing for a more natural driving position.

Positioning, exposure from any direction Pressing the All Free buttons releases the electromagnetic locks for the telescopic arm and column at the same time, thus enabling simple one-step positioning. Multiple All-Free buttons are located around the system, so the technologist can access from any direction. On-site image verification on a large LCD monitor. The embedded 19-inch touch panel display is excellent for quickly viewing images, and the flat screen design makes it easy to clean-up. Tools to support radiation management The system is in conformity with today’s needs for radiation management. The estimated Dose Area Product (DAP) is displayed prior to exposure, and the calculated DAP value is stored for post-exposure management.

Heightened security
The redesigned FPD storage bin is equipped with a detector anti-theft lock function that can heighten the security level against FPD theft. Designed for sterile equipment covers Grooves have been added for holding the FPD vertically while putting a sterile cover on the unit. Select the perfect FPD for application FPD models are available to meet a wide variety of clinical needs, such as the physical size, sensitivity and data transmission.