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X-ray equipment

AGFA Healthcare
Dura-line Panel Series
Csi – Cesium iodide DR retrofit detectors for high image quality, faster workflow and durable system to instantly upgrade analog X-ray system to DR.

DR 400i
A floor mounted system with ultra high frequency generator, motorized movements with floating table. It opens up possibility to add advanced clinical applications and dose efficiency tools along with optional upgrade to FLFS.

DR 600
Ultimate speed precision comfort imaging, high productivity, fully automated direct radiography with zero force technology.

Maximize productivity with an efficient, modular X-ray room balancing reliability and productivity in a modern, modular and easy to use design.


Portable/mobile HF X-ray systems–Portx/Litex (2.5/4.2/6 KW); Compact and light weight design; self diagnostics on panel; APR feature allows the user to select the exposure parameters as per patient’s anatomy.

MARS 15-80
Fixed X-ray systems (15/30/40/50//65/80KW-RAD) (40/50/50+/65/80 KW-RAD/FLUORO); horizontal/ floatex/multipose table; ceiling free/ ceiling suspended/ floor to ceiling stand; compatible with various tables as per user intended application; single/double tube combinations with image intensifier. For FLUORO- models in LF X-ray (RAD) also available in 300/500/600mA with various table & stands combinations.

C-arm with FPD – Digiscan Compact/Digiscan S20/S30/Digiscan V20/V30 (3.5/6/15KW); Dynamic FPD available in 21cm x 21cm or 30cmx30cm (model specific); pulsed fluoro with variable FPS; dose display on monitor; HMI- touchscreen panel mounted on horizontal carriage (model specific); DSA package (Model specific); metal Compensation (model specific); C-arms with image intensifiers also available.

MARS 2.5/4.2/6R/6/15DR – 50 DR
DR system (portable/mobile)- Portx DR/ Litex DR/Litex DR PP/Litex R DR/Rollx DR/Mobilx DR (4.2/6/15/32/40/50KW); HF generators; laptop/tablet based image acquisition system (model specific); compact and light weight design; auto exposure detection no interface required; Power pack is available for exposures without main power supply (model specific); motor assisted noise free movements. (model specific); 14-inchx17-inch portable Wi-Fi FPD; user friendly touchscreen operating console.

MARS 15- MARS 80
Fixed DR systems (ceiling suspended /u-arm type/ ceiling free/floor to ceiling /floor mounted) 15/30/40/50/65/80 KW (250-1000mA (DigiX CSA Adv/DigiX CSA/Digix U/DigiX U Adv/DigiX Eco Plus); high resolution detector; Fully motorized 3D ceiling suspended stand with auto tracking facility.(Model specific); single/dual detector systems; IntegraX integrated system for exposure and image parameters control; UMC display on tube assembly (model specific); DICOM 3.0 compatible.

BPL Medical Technologies

M-Rad 5.0 DR
5KW output with 110KHz high frequency digital mobile X-Ray solution. Compact & light weight in design & superior image quality at low radiation dosage. Ideal for patient wards, intensive care, operating rooms etc.

M-Rad 100
100mA, 100PPS line frequency mobile X-ray solution. Advanced user-friendly operator console with an alphanumeric LCD display. X-ray counter with password protections and an internal memory function with a state-of-the-art microcontroller.

HRAD 32/40/50: Series DR2 Prime
32/40/50 KW HF X-ray Generator with 40–125 KV Range and 400/500*/650**mA; Anatomical programming (216) & self-diagnostics (error indications); Rotating anode X-ray tube.

X-Rad 300/500: Series DR-1 Prime
40-125KV, 300mA/500mA line frequency fixed X-ray. 155 anatomical programming features for precise selection of KV & mAs based on patient’s anatomy.

X-Rad 100

Powered by an advanced user friendly operator console with soft touch control of all radiographic parameters. Uses state-of-the-art microcontroller to control various functions and features. Equipped with an alphanumeric LCD display. X-Rad 100 has user configurable anatomical programming. Self-diagnostic program. X-ray counter with password protection. Memory to retain last selected factors.

Carestream Health

Focus 35C detector
A highly affordable option to upgrade to wireless DR technology; Drastically improve workflow when moving from film or CR processes; Less image retakes and recalls due to ability to preview images immediately; All in one solution for scheduling, acquisition, viewing, PACS and reporting.

Exceptional image quality supports accurate diagnoses; Scalable and upgradable to help eliminate technology obsolescence; Wide selection of components lets you configure the ideal system for your needs

DRX Plus 2530C Detector
Offers the power of the X-Factor sharing; Smaller pixel pitch for better image quality and improved diagnostic confidence; Cesium iodide (Csl) design for dose-sensitive pediatric applications; Also ideal for orthopedic tabletop imaging, due to its flexible positioning and easy handling.

DRX-Evolution Plus
Ceiling suspended digital X-ray system; Greater flexibility extended tube column; High-performance Carestream generator; New LED lighting for enhanced functionality and aesthetics; Forward-looking design to accommodate advanced imaging applications in the future.

DRX Revolution mobile X-ray system
Low profile design and fully collapsible column give technologists a clear line of site in crowded hallways. Dual-motor drive makes transport quick and easy; Offers handy on-board storage for hand sanitizer, gloves, extra batteries, markers, bags and lockable storage for the detector; Small footprint makes the system an easy fit in ORs, ERs, ICUs and small patient rooms.

Fujifilm India

FDR Xair
A lightweight, portable X-ray device that meets home healthcare needs; Can acquire images in places where there is no electricity supply; Clubbed with latest dose reduction technology (Virtual Grid) and lowest dose with Fujifilm Patented ISS Technology: allows to produce high quality X-ray images.

GE Healthcare

Optima IGS 320 (flat panel cath lab)
Cardiovascular imaging within reach; excellent RoI; industry high DQE and advance stent viewing applications.

Optima IGS 330 (flat panel cath lab)
A true combo system designed to cater to an array of cardio, vascular, neuro interventional imaging needs.

Innova IGS 520 (flat panel cath lab)
An interventional system with advanced applications that support advance cardiovascular procedures like TAVI and electrophysiology procedures.

Iatome Electric

ALERIO Smart 1600
Portable X-ray, battery operated and <10 Kg in weight.

ALERIO Smart 5000DX
100mA digital mobile X-ray with wireless DR detector.

ALERIO Smart 4000SX
100mA mobile X-ray, highly maneuverable and total weight < 80 Kg.

ALERIO Maestro 4000
Compact fixed X-ray with single phase power input for small centers.

NEO: Handheld battery powered dental X-ray with weight <2.5kG; PRIME: Dental intra-oral X-ray with wireless operation and machine diagnostics; OPTIMA: Dental intra-oral X-ray with Polymer Insulation Technology.


A fully motorized moving system that enables access even to tight spaces and slightly inclined hallways.

AccE GC85A
AccE GC85A enables fully automated operation along with the THU, motorized wall stand and patient table.

Skanray Technologies

Intraskan DC
Near zero leakage radiation. 3 point control-kV, mA & ms. 60-70 kV range in steps of 1kV. 4-8 mA range in steps of 1mA. Perfectly balanced zero-drift scissor arm. Operator console with APR. Intraskan DC with 0.4, 0.5 & 0.8 mm focal spot. Intraskan DC Plus with 0.4 mm focal spot.

Microskan Ion
Ultra-light mobile HF X-Ray (<55 kg). 2.8kW, 200kHz, 60mA with APR. Hand-held and integrated console for parameter setting and exposure control. 90°collimator rotation. Tube-head rotation. Suitable for NICU, ICU, trauma, ortho & ambulance. Battery operated version of Microskan, providing up-to 200 exposures on fullcharge.

Skanmobile DR
Ultralight mobile HF (200KHz), 100 mA DR system with integrated APR and zero leak technology. High maneuverability for ease of use with 90°collimator rotation and easy tube-head positioning. Comes with Quad Core processor unit, 12-inch QHD resolution touch LCD, 8GB RAM and 256 GB SSD with 11 hour backup and Wi-Fi support. Interface includes USB 3.0, LAN & HDMI, bar code reader (Optional). Flat panel digital detector with 14-inchx17-inch wireless system.

Skanmobile DR Lite
Economical and ultralight mobile HF (200KHz), 100 mA DR system with integrated APR and zero leak technology. High maneuverability for ease of use with 90° collimator rotation and easy tube-head positioning. Comes with Quad Core processor unit, 13-inch HD resolution touch LCD, 8GB RAM and 256 GB SSD with 6 Hour backup and Wi-Fi support. Interface includes USB 3.0, LAN & HDMI, bar code reader (Optional). Flat panel digital detector with 14-inchx17-inch wireless system.

32kW HF Fixed RAD System delivering kVp: 40kV-125kVand mA: 10mA-400mA with time Range from 5 ms to 5 sec. Integrated rotating anodetube head with smart cable assembly. Fully motorized horizontal and vertical movements.120° tube head rotation. ±180° tube head vertical column rotation. 4-way floating table. 10.4-inch LCD touchscreen tube head console. Floor/wall mount console with 10.4-inch LCD touchscreen (optional). Chest bucky suitable for cassette or FPD of sizes up to 17-inchx17-inch. Handheld touchscreen console with X-ray exposure parameters. Digital angular meter for tube head positioning. LED collimator.

Trivitron Healthcare

Ultisys digital mobile radiography
Amorphous silicon flat panel detector with PIN technology, comprehensive mobile radiography solution with 3.5 kW generator output rating, intuitive operation based on Anatomical Program (APR), independent selection of parameters (kV, mAs) with digital display. Spring balanced stand, lightweight to carry and position. Large LCD 15-inch touchscreen display. Also available in analog mobile radiography.

Ultisys digital fixed radiography
Generator options : 20/40/52/82 kW output, high data accuracy & reproducibility at shortest exposure time, Dual focus rotating anode X-ray tube, floating tabletop with DR bucky, vertical bucky stand with DR bucky with integrated high density anti-scatter grid, ceiling free tube stand centered to bucky with fully counter balanced movement. Also available in analog fixed radiography.

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