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15 Sub-Centers Upgraded to Health and Wellness Centers in Nawabganj

As many as 15 health sub-centers in Nawabganj block have been upgraded as health and wellness centers. The centers will now be handed over to the health department this week. These centers will have a community health officer (CHO) for the screening, management and control of diabetes and hypertension. The CHO will also diagnose cancer and will refer patients to the district hospital. Of the total 398 health sub-centers in Bareilly, the state government has been upgrading 30 centers in Nawabanj for developing it as a “model block”. As Nawabganj has only 25 sub-centers, the health department has included five more centers from neighboring Bhadpura block. A sub-center has only an ANM (auxiliary nursing midwife), but after the upgradation, it will have a CHO, a staff nurse who has undergone a six-month bridge course.

Dr Vineet Shukla, chief medical officer, said, “The construction agency has constructed additional rooms and laboratories, and the 15 sub-centers will be handed over to us this week. CHOs have been trained for screening, management and control of hypertension and diabetes. CHOs are capable of conducting simple tests and will refer patients to the district hospital for higher tests. Patients can also take medicines from the health and wellness centers, which will save their time and money, as they will not have to travel to the district hospital.” The specialty of health and wellness center is that the CHOs will be able to screen early-stage of cancer among patients. “CHOs will be able to diagnose cancer. Early detection of cancer helps in better treatment. Three types of cancer that can be screened here are oral, breast and cervix. Cancer patients will be referred to the district hospital for further treatment,” added CMO. Similarly, four primary health centers in the district are being upgraded as health and wellness centers. However, unlike other health and wellness centers, these will have MBBS doctors. – TOI

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