X-ray Equipment

  • Analog Continues To Be In Demand

    Analog Continues To Be In Demand

    X-ray machines are finding increasing popularity in the Indian market, albeit intense competition is pushing pressure on margins for the DR sellers. As X-ray film moved to CR, patients and…Read More

  • X-ray Shifting Into A Higher Gear

    X-ray Shifting Into A Higher Gear

    With continued growth and development in the field of radiography, the segment has progressed from conventional wet radiography to computed radiography, and further to digital radiography in the last century….Read More

  • Opening New Frontiers in X-ray Technology

    Opening New Frontiers in X-ray Technology

    Latest innovations in DR include advanced applications like tomosynthesis that is being offered by several OEMs with general radiographic suites, and on remote RF systems to provide improved detail visibility….Read More

  • DRX-Ascend System from Carestream Health

    Carestream Health India’s DRX-Ascend System is designed for small to mid-size hospital radiology departments, imaging centers, clinics, and specialists’ offices. The DR system offers a versatile, floor-mounted tube stand, and…Read More

  • Progress in Diagnostic Imaging

    Progress in Diagnostic Imaging

    The latest generation of wireless DR detectors with automatic beam detection achieves the traditional use case of both CR and film, with additional benefits of much higher throughput and improved…Read More

  • Digital Revolution Meets Computed Resistance

    Digital Revolution Meets Computed Resistance

    Even as DR gains in popularity among acute care and outpatient care facilities alike, traditional CR retains and maintains a solid fan base. With technological advancements stepping up multiple notches,…Read More

  • Time to Upgrade

    Time to Upgrade

    DR is rapidly heading toward features and products that articulate value-based, cost-measuring, and patient-centric benefits. Over the last decade, the field of medical imaging has evolved from analog technology toward…Read More

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