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  • Immunochemistry Instruments

    Product listing of various models available in the Indian market, with detailed capabilities and features, by brand

  • Diagnosing COVID-19 with immunoassays

    Diagnosing COVID-19 with immunoassays

    Ongoing global efforts are working to communicate and facilitate new diagnostic assay development and worldwide test kit delivery. It is likely that the COVID-19 diagnostic market will continue to thrive…Read More

  • Rethinking Immunochemistry

    Rethinking Immunochemistry

    Automation systems and chemistry instrumentation, oddly enough, have gotten a little bit bigger over time. With advances in technology, things should at some point start getting smaller. Over the past…Read More

  • Old ideas, new technologies for immunochemistry

    Old ideas, new technologies for immunochemistry

    New technologies are flipping traditional antibody-based assays on their heads. These assays are quicker, more sensitive, can be conducted high-throughput, and require minimal sample. Immunochemistry for analyzers are becoming more…Read More

  • Maglumi 2000 from Snibe

    Maglumi 2000 from Snibe

    Maglumi 2000 chemiluminescence immunoassay (CLIA) system is a powerful IVD product of Snibe, targeting mid- and large-size labs or hospitals. With a broad test menu, various needs for clinical diagnostic…Read More

  • i-Quant from J.Mitra & Co.

    i-Quant from J.Mitra & Co.

    J. Mitra & Co. Pvt. Ltd. has launched i-Quant immunoassay analyzer. The instrument is a state-of-the-art fluorescence immunoassay analyzer for quantitative and qualitative determination blood test parameters. The instrument has…Read More

  • Exploring Analytical Sensitivity of Immunoassays

    Exploring Analytical Sensitivity of Immunoassays

    Automated immunochemistry instruments are expected to witness robust growth in India owing to increasing government focus toward healthcare infrastructure development, rising number of pathology laboratories, and growing number of private…Read More

  • A Market Becoming Increasingly Skewed?

    A Market Becoming Increasingly Skewed?

    Five companies in India dominate this segment at a combined 72.5 percent share, with CLIA, at the expense of ELISA and rapid tests, steadily gaining share. Immunochemistry analyzers are rapidly…Read More

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