• Navigating New Technologies

    Navigating New Technologies

    Patients’ needs are changing with time, with the evolution of both pathology severity and treatment. Advancement of bioengineers understanding in pathophysiology, medicine, and engineering need to be combined with an…Read More

  • A Step Closer To The Future

    A Step Closer To The Future

    The ventilators of the future may not look very different from today, but several features will clearly separate them from the current generation of ventilators. Even though the concept of…Read More

  • Intelligent Ventilators to Save Precious Breaths

    Intelligent Ventilators to Save Precious Breaths

    Technological advances in microprocessor-controlled ventilation integrated with the complexity of new ventilator modes have further improved the care of the critically ill patients. Mechanical ventilation continues to be an evolving…Read More

  • Enhancing Monitoring Capabilities

    Enhancing Monitoring Capabilities

    By combining cutting-edge technology of actuators, sensors, and digital electronics together with sophisticated data processing algorithms, the modern ventilator can adjust its action in real time. Mechanical ventilators, or breathing…Read More

  • iTernIS EVO from Heyer Medical AG

    iTernIS EVO from Heyer Medical AG

    Ventilators come in many shapes and sizes, but they have one function in particular – to assist the respiratory process and maintain or restore an adequate oxygen supply to the…Read More

  • Imports Continue to Reign Supreme

    Imports Continue to Reign Supreme

    Buyers continue to rely on imports for the critical-care ventilator equipment, where support is received from vendors in continuous innovation and product improvement. With steady and aggressive technological advancements, ventilators…Read More

  • A Wave of Innovation

    A Wave of Innovation

    Better understanding of physiology, anatomy, and disease patterns is triggering a new wave of innovation in ventilation. Ventilators have evolved from basic machines to complicated, electronic, microprocessing engines. Over the…Read More

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