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  • ECG Getting Smarter

    ECG Getting Smarter

    Patients are being empowered to track and manage their own health, and healthcare is becoming more personalized through interventions tailored to individual patients. Cardiovascular disorders (CVDs) are a major concern…Read More

  • Growing Adoption of Remote Cardiac Pacing

    Growing Adoption of Remote Cardiac Pacing

    Telecardiology has the potential to revolutionize the way various heart conditions are managed in the primary care setting by reducing the door-to-balloon time, which in turn greatly decreases the patient…Read More

  • Leveraging Real Time ECG Monitoring

    Leveraging Real Time ECG Monitoring

    One of the main challenges in India is making cardiac solutions available in rural areas, which is now possible through new, portable ECG devices that run on mobile technology and…Read More

  • The Technological Evolution of ECG Systems

    The Technological Evolution of ECG Systems

    Recent ECG systems, with advanced features to incorporate ECG records into the patients EMR enable the hospitals workflow to be effectively streamlined. As medical technology advances, it is important for…Read More

  • Revolutionizing Cardiac Monitoring

    Revolutionizing Cardiac Monitoring

    Remote ECG monitoring systems will soon be commonplace medical devices for remote and long-term physiological monitoring, especially for that of the elderly and frail patients. Remote ECG monitoring systems are…Read More

  • Making Technologies Talk

    Making Technologies Talk

    With interoperability demands from healthcare reform, all vendors have made greater efforts to integrate with other vendors systems. Industry players are constantly fueling the market with newer technologies or upgrading…Read More

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