Anesthesia Equipment

  • Fully Autonomous Anesthesia System – A Possibility?

    Fully Autonomous Anesthesia System – A Possibility?

    Recent innovations in artificial intelligence, especially machine learning, may usher in a new era of automation across anesthesiology. Anesthesia delivery is steadily evolving. Over the years, the conventional anesthesia machine…Read More

  • Continuous Innovation in Anesthesia Machines

    Continuous Innovation in Anesthesia Machines

    PCLC is an emerging technology that analyzes the specific data to regulate physiological variables by autonomous therapy, thus reducing cognitive overload, minimizing human error, and enhancing medical care during high…Read More

  • Continuity of Care

    Continuity of Care

    Device manufacturers and technology startups are continuously introducing devices to improve patient care. Geriatric population is growing with the rising global population, and rising patient base suffering from sleep disorders…Read More

  • Changing Buying Patterns

    Changing Buying Patterns

    The purchase of a large number of super premium systems by teaching institutes and a major inclination by others to stay away from refurbished and competitively priced, imported models reveals…Read More

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