• Improvise, Adapt, And Overcome

    Improvise, Adapt, And Overcome

    Healthcare is fundamentally changing around the world. Health startups are sprouting up across Singapore. In Mexico, the government is tackling diabetes with a holistic approach, including instituting community glucose-monitoring centers…Read More

  • Challenges Abound,  So Do Opportunities

    Challenges Abound, So Do Opportunities

    The MedTech industry faces a new world full of opportunities. However, uncertainty lies ahead as well. New standards and regulations are emerging, reimbursement rules are becoming more complex, healthcare dynamics…Read More

  • 10 Medical Innovations For 2019

    10 Medical Innovations For 2019

    Alternative therapies for pain, the use of artificial intelligence in healthcare, an expanded window to treat stroke patients, are some of the innovations that will enhance healing and change healthcare…Read More

  • Radiology Trends that Will Define 2019

    Radiology Trends that Will Define 2019

    Looking back, in 2018, technological advancement in radiology was the hot topic at nearly every national conference in the industry. That’s a trend that has every indication of continuing in…Read More

  • Pre-Budget Recommendations

    Pre-Budget Recommendations

    With the Union Budget 2019-20 scheduled for February 1, 2019, the industry bodies are busy presenting their wish list to the finance ministry. The MedTech industry has major expectations, as…Read More

  • 2019 – Shaping The Future of MedTech

    2019 – Shaping The Future of MedTech

    The adage, what goes up, must come down, is not likely to apply to the global healthcare sector in 2019. Aging and growing populations, greater prevalence of chronic diseases, exponential…Read More

  • Roadmap Ahead

    Roadmap Ahead

    The health of the Indian hospital sector has been deteriorating since the early CY2017, whereas the Indian pharmaceutical companies and their subsidiaries exhibited an impressive performance. The MedTech industry will…Read More

  • MedTech – Vitalizing Ayushman Bharat

    MedTech – Vitalizing Ayushman Bharat

    For ensuring the takeoff of AB-PMJAY, the MedTech industry has a huge responsibility. Huge financial resources and investments at various levels, with government support is one of the major pre-requisites,…Read More

  • MedTech – Applying The Power Of Innovation

    MedTech – Applying The Power Of Innovation

    The MedTech industry is well placed to build on and expand innovative developments and create new opportunities to deliver solutions that diagnose needs and inform care decisions, improve care delivery,…Read More

  • 2017 and Beyond

    2017 and Beyond

    By using big data technology along with machine learning and artificial intelligence, healthcare industry can make accurate decisions, significantly improve operating efficiencies, and do away with unwanted costs. Recent advancements…Read More

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