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  • Designing For Technology

    Designing For Technology

    With robotic science providing better surgical and treatment outcomes and technologically advanced investigation tools helping medical practitioners perfect the art of diagnosis, it has become more important than ever to…Read More

  • Infusing Technology Into Hospital Beds

    Infusing Technology Into Hospital Beds

    From the perspective of robustness and safety, battery backup, and eased CPR release, the new hospital beds provide for fast responses to emergencies under power-failure conditions. Hospital beds provide extra…Read More

  • OT Tables And Lights – Filling The Void

    OT Tables And Lights – Filling The Void

    Advances will continue as lighting choices, illumination, and surgical tables become smarter in the ORs and medical field. Each step forward will make for a safe environment for both the…Read More

  • Revolution in Interventional Cardiology

    Revolution in Interventional Cardiology

    In the wake of drug price regulator NPPAs move to cap stent prices, various major healthcare companies have requested the NPPA to allow them to withdraw their latest stents from…Read More

  • Refining Care

    Refining Care

    New technology is increasingly impacting how care providers practice medicine. It is high time to adapt and encompass these advantages to achieve maximum benefits. Advancements in the healthcare industry are…Read More

  • The Dynamics of Erratic Power Supply

    The Dynamics of Erratic Power Supply

    The growing demand for continuous power supply, coupled with major government initiatives, Make in India and Digital India, are anticipated to drive the Indian UPS market. Healthcare continues to make…Read More

  • New Concepts in Molecular Imaging

    New Concepts in Molecular Imaging

    Advanced imaging and hybrid modalities are evolving to aid and personalize future patient population care. Advanced imaging and hybrid modalities, such as computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), positron…Read More

  • Product Innovation Revitalizes the Market

    Product Innovation Revitalizes the Market

    Recent innovations in technology are expanding the pacemaker vertical. Pacemaker technologies have advanced dramatically over the decades since they were first introduced, and every year many thousands of new implants…Read More

  • Miles to Go!

    Miles to Go!

    India, with an average of 9 hospital beds per 10,000 of its population, has a patchy public healthcare system with underfunded hospitals and clinics, and ineffective health-related schemes. The country…Read More

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