Urinalysis Instruments and Reagents

  • Automation Drives Urinalysis Industry

    Automation Drives Urinalysis Industry

    Automating urine microscopy, simplifying workflow, and improving standardization through strip pads and digital and home-based tests continue to be the prime objectives in the coming years. The essentiality of urinalysis…Read More

  • Automation Leads The Way In Urinalysis

    Automation Leads The Way In Urinalysis

    Smaller-scale technology and automation are just some of what laboratories need, and it is where the companies that make urinalysis analyzers have to focus. The importance of urinalysis as a…Read More

  • Automated Urinalysis in the Clinical Lab

    Automated Urinalysis in the Clinical Lab

    Automation in urine analyzers enable labs to eliminate operator-to-operator variability, and can also make it possible to look at more fields, to quantify results that were previously qualitative. Urinalysis is…Read More

  • Evolving Diagnostic Technologies

    Evolving Diagnostic Technologies

    Emerging nanotechnologies and integrated platforms have the potential to improve diagnosis by direct pathogen detection from urine samples without compromising the sensitivity and specificity of standard methods. The development of…Read More

  • Rediscovering Urine Chemistry

    Rediscovering Urine Chemistry

    Manufacturers are continually developing new products for urinalysis and intend to deliver a degree of automation that will bring efficiencies and improve turnaround times to reduce labor-intensive and time-consuming urine…Read More

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