CT Scanners

  • CT Scanners – Aiming Higher

    CT Scanners – Aiming Higher

    Systems continue to evolve and expand in ways that benefit radiologists, providers, and patients. With the advent of high-speed and multi-slice computed tomography (CT) scanners, healthcare providers have changed their…Read More

  • Improving Rotation Speed of CT Scanners

    Improving Rotation Speed of CT Scanners

    The newest generation of CT scanners performs routine very-low-dose cardiac scans, use more sensitive detectors, faster gantry speed rotation, and the latest generation of iterative and model-based image reconstruction software….Read More

  • Standardizing Scanning Capabilities

    Standardizing Scanning Capabilities

    In the wake of the rising number of publicprivate partnerships, different states have come up with proposals for the installation of CT scan facilities in their respective medical colleges and…Read More

  • Expanding Applications on the Horizon

    Expanding Applications on the Horizon

    Improved resolution and new clinical applications that can help physicians to diagnose and stage diseases even earlier than is done now will continue to be the big trends in the…Read More

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