Blood Banks

  • Adoption of Apheresis Equipment to Intensify

    Adoption of Apheresis Equipment to Intensify

    To strengthen the blood transfusion services, the Metro Blood Bank Project has been conceived by the Health Ministry to set up Centers of Excellence in Transfusion Medicine with state-of-the-art technology…Read More

  • Adoption of New Technologies

    Adoption of New Technologies

    Technological advances in blood bank refrigerators and freezers have led to the introduction of new products with improved monitoring, tracking, and safety features. Despite the current advances in technology in…Read More

  • High-Throughput and Minimum Manipulation

    High-Throughput and Minimum Manipulation

    Rising demand of platelets and other blood components in India due to seasonal outbreak of dengue, increasing cancer patients, and inadequate fractionalization facility will drive the growth of apheresis equipment…Read More

  • Driven by Necessity and Demand

    Driven by Necessity and Demand

    Growing incidence of blood-related disorders, leading to the rise in demand for platelets and plasma, is expected to serve the market as a high-impact rendering driver. Blood cell separating instruments…Read More

  • At a Nascent Stage

    At a Nascent Stage

    NAT is quickly gaining acceptance and transforming the healthcare industry. The market which is in a nascent stage at present has tremendous growth opportunities in varied application segments. Nucleic Acid…Read More

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