Molecular Diagnostics

  • A leap in molecular diagnostics

    A leap in molecular diagnostics

    A common theme for healthcare in the coming years will be high efficiency through automated and easy-to-handle techniques combined with optimized sample preparation. Molecular diagnostics has emerged dramatically over the…Read More

  • Growing Alternative MDx Technologies

    Growing Alternative MDx Technologies

    POC is gaining momentum in the Indian market and is expected to be a key driver for next couple of years as the turnaround time for molecular diagnostic tests is…Read More

  • Increased Acceptance

    Increased Acceptance

    The steadily growing adoption of molecular diagnostics is enhancing the acceptance level of personalized molecular medicine. People are facing serious challenges in healthcare from emerging and reemerging diseases. Research in…Read More

  • Improving Infectious Disease Diagnostics

    Improving Infectious Disease Diagnostics

    The future of molecular diagnostics lies with NAATs and NGS that can rapidly provide definitive and actionable results for the detection of bacterial diseases with better sensitivity. Molecular diagnostics as…Read More

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