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AAPI proposes US-Israel-India health dialogue to combat COVID

The American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI) has called for a joint US-Israel-India health dialogue to combat covid-19 pandemic and develop an efficient quality healthcare system.

The proposed dialogue involving Israeli physicians from reputed hospitals may study and identify how Israel with significantly limited resources, is able to provide quality healthcare to its citizens, AAPI president Dr. Sudhakar Jonnalagadda suggested.

He was speaking at a virtual panel discussion last week on “Can 30 seconds save the world? Israeli-Indian cooperation to develop a rapid test for covid-19,” according to an AAPI media release.

With India and the US among the worst affected nations the panel discussion focussed on collaboration and sharing of knowledge and expertise and finding solutions to contain the pandemic.

The event was cosponsored by the Indian and Israeli Consulates in New York, American Jewish Committee, AAPI, Parikh Media Worldwide, ITV Gold and the Hindu-Jewish Coalition. Dr. Sudhir Parikh, Chairman, Parikh Media Worldwide moderated the discussion.

New York-based Indian consul general Randhir Jaiswal and Israeli consul general Nitzan gave opening remarks as co-hosts of the program along with Rabbi David Levy of AJC New Jersey.

Dr. Jonnalagadda provided a brief on AAPI’s role and several initiatives it has undertaken in fighting covid-19 in the US and India.

“AAPI members are putting their best efforts to help our patients, especially those impacted by covid,” he said noting, “Several of our physicians have been affected in this pandemic.”

“We are continuing our efforts to make AAPI a more dynamic and vibrant organization playing a meaningful and relevant part in advocating health policies and practices that best serve the interests of all patients and promoting the physician’s role as the leaders of the team based health care delivery.”

As Secretary of the Global Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (GAPIO) both Dr. Parikh and AAPI President Dr. Jonnalagadda offered to advocate with the US administration and Congress the importance of forging closer cooperation in the health and disaster management sectors between the US, India and Israel. – American Bazaar

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