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AMRI Hospitals-Mukundapur Launches Comprehensive Airway Clinic

AMRI Hospitals, Mukundapur officially launched Eastern India’s first comprehensive Airway Clinic on July 10, 2018, where both children and adults, who are suffering from disorders affecting their air passage due to various reasons, will be treated. The super specialty clinic registered its first success on June 18, 2018 after surgeons at AMRI Mukundapur effectively operated on a 28-day-old baby from Bagula, Nadia, who was born with obstruction in her air passage. The baby was suffering from laryngomalacia, a condition where the larynx is blocked. In the case of the baby from Nadia, her epiglottis was blocking the air passage. Dr Saumitra Ghosh, Consultant ENT Surgeon, AMRI-Mukundapur, who has advance training for conducting such surgeries in Switzerland, successfully performed laser surgery on the baby and she can now breathe normally.

The condition is extremely rare and performing laser surgery on a child less than a month old is one of the very few conducted in India. As Eastern India’s first Airway Clinic starts functioning at AMRI Hospitals, Mukundapur, children with airway obstruction from birth, or adults with similar problems, resulting from neck trauma due to accidents, tumors, accidental acid poisoning, or even from strokes, will benefit from the clinic. “Patients at the Airway Clinic are diagnosed properly with our latest fibre optic laryngoscope, cameras and other advanced instruments by a team of experienced professionals. Patients are treated with state-of-the-art CO2 laser and micro debrider-assisted surgery,” explained Dr Ghosh. Dr Amitabha Roy Chowdhury, Consultant ENT Surgeon, AMRI-Mukundapur, pointed out that the Airway Clinic is an extension of the Laryngology unit at AMRI Mukundapur, which includes three clinics.

“The Clinic has three component – airway, swallow, and voice – addressing three crucial aspects of ENT treatment. The Comprehensive Airway Clinic will diagnose and investigate complex and critical conditions, congenital or otherwise, in a focused manner,” Dr Roy Chowdhury said. “The ability to breathe and swallow is the most important prerequisite to sustain life. Thanks to advances in medicine, chances of survival for newborns with life-threatening birth defects have increased.” Dr Ghosh pointed out that congenital defects of the airway or the food passage are often overlooked and conventional hospital set-ups, even in the private sector, are not equipped to handle such cases, particularly in newborns and children. – Business Standard

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