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Ayushman Bharat to be Launched on August 15

The Ayushman Bharat Yojana of the Pradhan Mantri Rashtriya Swasthya Suraksha Mission will be implemented in the State from August 15, 2018. A total of 84 lakh families of deprived sections have been included in the scheme on the basis of a socio, economic caste census (SECC). Benefit of this scheme will be provided to families of laborer’s of unorganized sector and also to all the families, which possess entitlement slip of the Food Security Program. An annual Health Security Cover of ₹5 lakh will be provided to each family under the scheme. The benefit of the scheme will be given in cashless form through government and private hospitals. The Government hospitals will be upgraded by this and the scheme will help in increasing availability of private health service providers. The scheme will help reducing out of pocket medical treatment expenses on citizens of the state after its implementation.

There are about 20 lakh families of laborer’s of the unorganized category in the state. Moreover, there are about 34 lakh families of entitlement slips in the state, which are not included in the deprived section on the basis of SECC. In this manner, health security cover will be made available to over 5.5 crore members of about 1.37 crore families under the scheme. An expenditure of total ₹1648 crore at the rate of ₹1200 per family has been estimated. An amount of ₹600 crore in the form of Grant-in-Aid will be received as centers’ share, whereas a sum of ₹400 crore will be shared by the state. An additional expenditure of about ₹648 crore will be incurred to give benefit of the scheme to the families of the unorganized sector and families with entitlement slips under the Food Security Program, which will be borne by the state government.

An MOU has been signed with National Health Agency of the Government of India for the implementation of the scheme. The scheme will be implemented at the state level on the lines of Telangana and Karnataka states by forming a trust/society. Online application has already been submitted before the Registrar Firms and Society for the formation of society. Services from service provider agencies will be taken for cooperation in implementation of the scheme through open tender. A total of 1350 medical procedure package have been made available by the Government of India. These procedures have been divided into 4 categories i.e. secondary procedures, secondary complex, tertiary procedures and super specialty. The secondary procedures for district hospital level whereas secondary complex procedures have been made reserved for medical colleges. All the remaining procedures will remain open for private and government hospitals. An action to fix norms for empaneling of private hospitals in the scheme is underway. At present, the scheme will be recognized in hospitals approved under the State Illness Assistance Scheme. – Daily Pioneer

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