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Bengal doctors worried about post Puja COVID situation

The medical fraternity in West Bengal is hoping that the State, post Durga Puja, does not see a repeat of Kerala, where the number of COVID-19 cases shot up by over 120% after Onam celebrations.

“We are worried about the situation that would emerge after Durga Puja and Diwali. We need to prepare ourselves thoroughly in case there is a surge,” said Dr. Koushik Chaki, coordinator of the West Bengal Doctors’ Forum protocol monitoring team, which is helping the government to fight the pandemic.

Dr. Chaki emphasised that it was now entirely up to people to check the spread of the pandemic by taking precautions and avoiding crowds. “COVID-19 has been around for nearly seven months now, by now people should know the dos and don’ts. They have to be compliant and cannot drop guard even for a moment,” he said.

Durga Puja, the most-eagerly awaited festival in West Bengal that involves the participation and movement of large numbers of crowds, lasts several days and is less than a month away. While certain restrictions are in place this year — open and spacious pandals, no cultural programmes, festivities spread across more number of days — crowding will remain a matter of concern. – The Hindu