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Budget grants announced in interim Union Budget 2024

Allocation for Department of Health & Family Welfare
For FY25, Centre’s gross recoveries and net receipts have been increased to Rs 87656.90 crore.  It comprises Rs 83305.28 crore as revenue and Rs 4351.62 crore as capital.

In FY24, the budget estimate was Rs 86175 crore, which comprised Rs 80874.66 crore as revenue and Rs 5300.34 crore as capital. The estimates were later revised to Rs 77624.79 crore, which comprised Rs 74915.43 crore as revenue and Rs 2709.36 crore as capital.

Allocation for Department of Health Research
For FY25, Centre’s allocation for the Department of Health Research has been increased from Rs 2892.83 crore to Rs 3001.73 crore. Of the total grants, Rs 3000.87 crore comprises revenue and Rs 0.86 crore as capital.

The budget estimate in FY24 was Rs 2980 crore which was later revised to Rs 2892. 83 crore.

Allocation for centrally sponsored schemes
Budget estimates for demands of grants for centrally sponsored schemes have been increased from Rs 42381.66 crore in FY24 to Rs 49037.25 crore in FY25.

Of the total proposed grants in FY 25, Rs 48620. 75 is revenue and Rs 416.50 is capital.

In FY24, the revised estimates for revenue were Rs 42381.14 crore and Rs 0.52 crore for capital.

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