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NITI Aayog Extends Deadline For Consultations On Draft Model

NITI Aayog has extended deadline for seeking comments and the consultation meeting on draft model concession agreement for setting up medical colleges in the country under the public private partnership mode by a month.

The last date for providing comments on the draft model concession agreement has now been extended to February 10, 2020, it said. The earlier date was January 10, 2002.

The date for consultation workshop has now been postponed to February 25, 2020 as against January 21, 2020 earlier.

Under the proposed PPP model, NITI Aayog has envisioned the concessionaire to design, build, finance, operate and maintain the medical college and also upgrade, operate and maintain the associated district hospital with a minimum annual student intake of 150 MBBS seats.

The Aayog is of the view that India has a dire shortage of qualified doctors and hence it is practically not possible for the central/state government to bridge the gaps in the medical education with their limited resources and finances.

“This necessitates formulating a Public Private Partnership (“PPP”) model by combining the strengths of public and private sectors,” it said.

The Aayog has proposed a scheme to link new and existing private medical colleges with functional district hospitals through PPP as this would augment medical seats and also rationalise the costs of medical education.

The said concession agreement has been developed based on the international best practices, and similar PPP arrangements that are operative in the states of Gujarat and Karnataka.-MB Bureau