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Creating innovations in the domain of in vitro diagnostics (IVD) – “Together for a better healthcare journey.”

Based on the “Sysmex Way,” the corporate philosophy of the Sysmex Group, and set our long-term vision, “Together for a better healthcare journey.” We will provide new value by creating innovations in the domain of in vitro diagnostics (IVD) as well as by exploring the domains of pre-symptomatic and preventive medicine and treatment, thus improving the lifelong healthcare journey of each individual. Furthermore, we will continue to resolve medical issues through products and services, instilling confidence among a diverse range of stakeholders and aiming to realize a sustainable society while achieving sustainable growth for Sysmex.

In 2018, Sysmex announced its vision of becoming “A Unique & Advanced Healthcare Testing Company” under its long-term corporate strategy. To this end, we have been working to strengthen our diagnostics business, while also developing new testing methods, including a complete solution for oncology disease state starting from hematology, digital morphology, clinical flow cytometry, FISH (Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization and NGS reagents. We also took on a new challenge, launching the medical robotics business.

As a part of long-term corporate strategy, we expand our target domain from diagnostics to the healthcare journey and accelerate business growth by leveraging our strengths:

To achieve a better healthcare journey, it is crucial for healthcare professionals (medical institutions, medical staff, etc.) to improve the level and quality of medical care, utilize healthcare information and improve the medical economy. Sysmex leverages its technology and business know-how cultivated in the IVD domain to create high-value-added testing and diagnostic technologies using the latest technology. We aim to augment growth and profitability by deepening our diagnostics business and pursuing added value through innovation.

In the hematology field, we are accelerating the global rollout of the XR™-Series automated hematology analyzer, in the aim of enhancing growth and profitability. In addition, we will introduce products that meet market needs in emerging markets, where population growth, economic development, and improved healthcare quality are expected, and contribute to improving healthcare access and infrastructure. In particular, we consider India an important market, and we will accelerate business planning, product development, and market introduction, working to expand our market share in emerging markets.

In the domain of personalized medicine, which is expected to grow significantly, Sysmex is developing new parameters that utilize its strength in liquid biopsy technologies (genes, cells and proteins). The company aims to commercialize and launch technologies that will lead personalized medicine, using its own research products and technologies. In addition, Sysmex is working to create new diagnostic solutions for hematopoietic tumors, cancer, hereditary diseases, and age-related diseases by combining its testing technologies and utilizing data science.

We are also creating values in specialty diagnostics by building on our experience in helping clinical laboratories in the areas of haematology, haemostasis and urinalysis – by adding automation to increase productivity, and innovative analysis capabilities to enhance diagnostic quality – we have now embarked on a journey to address the needs of clinical flow cytometry laboratories. Combining our competence in diagnostics and workflow optimisation, our vision is to create an integrated clinical flow cytometry analysis system that helps increase the workflow efficiency of flow cytometry laboratories, allowing you to deliver your services with confidence in the results. Our aim is to establish a solution that automates processes from sample preparation to the reporting of measurement results to help clinical flow cytometry laboratories reach a new level of workflow efficiency and deliver their services with absolute confidence in the results. The launch of the XF-1600, PS-10 and associated reagents is the first step towards such an integrated clinical flow cytometry solution from Sysmex.

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