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Erba-Transasia at 45 – Pioneering progress, global expansion, and a vision for a healthier tomorrow in 2024!

As we approach the dawn of 2024, commemorating 45 years of our remarkable journey, each of us at ErbaTransasia is filled with profound enthusiasm, optimism, and gratitude. Looking back on the combined endeavours of the past four and a half decades, our dedication to fostering a healthier and happier world remains more resilient than ever. The core of our vision hinges on reducing disease prevalence by prioritizing early and precise diagnostics – a fundamental aspect of a healthier society.

However, in a country of 1.3 billion, where basic healthcare infrastructure remains uneven, the task of providing regular diagnostic services poses a monumental challenge. This underscores the critical need for a robust healthcare ecosystem, encompassing both manufacturing and research infrastructure. The imperative lies in minimizing dependency on imports and fostering a self-reliant ecosystem.

Our focus, therefore, is threefold: fortifying our product portfolio through cutting-edge research and development, scaling our manufacturing capabilities to global standards, and reaching the remotest of towns & villages across India ensuring good health for all. Today, our equipment conducts a staggering 150 crore blood tests annually, a testament to equal opportunities for success in India.

In the year 2023, Erba-Transasia achieved significant milestones, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to providing reliable and affordable diagnostic solutions not only in India but across the globe.

In India, we reached new heights with the installation of over 80,000 blood analyzers, including 5000 analyzers in public hospitals and laboratories across several states, playing a pivotal role in delivering free diagnostics to more than 350 million underprivileged individuals, caring for communities and ensuring access to crucial healthcare services.

On a global scale, amidst the challenges posed by current geopolitical events, we expanded our services by inaugurating a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Russia. This proactive approach reflects our deep involvement in patient care and concern, emphasizing our role in making a positive impact during times of uncertainty. Additionally, we expanded our reach by establishing a subsidiary in Indonesia, reaching out to 300 million people.

With our current momentum and growth trajectory, anticipation builds for 2024, where our ambitions are set to reach new heights. Technological Advancements too take center stage as we address the spectrum of infectious diseases and non-communicable diseases prevalent in India’s diverse landscape. This will drive breakthroughs, particularly in areas like molecular testing for diseases such as HIV, TB, and cancer.

Our global R&D efforts, spanning across India, France, the UK, Czech Republic and Austria, are intensifying focus on developing cuttingedge technologies. The latest addition to our offerings is ‘NEXUS,’ a Total Lab Automation solution designed for mid-sized and large-scale laboratories.

The belief in crafting reliable, affordable and innovative medical diagnostic solutions drives our continuous pursuit of knowledge. In line with this philosophy, we are once again pioneering with the establishment of our first Med-Tech University in India. This institution is dedicated to delivering advanced, research-based, world-class education in medical technology.

Additionally, we have set up 2 fully equipped state-of-the-art “Erba Institute of Medical Lab Technology” at Panchgani and Ajmer to train highly skilled laboratory technicians to meet the needs of laboratories for trained technicians. Every year over 300 fully trained technicians will be trained at these institutions.

These forthcoming initiatives, supported by patented technologies such as Chemiluminescence systems, Molecular testing systems, and AI-based Hematology systems, are poised to be unveiled in 2024. They serve as the driving force behind the accelerated growth we have strategically planned for both India and the global market.

The trajectory of the Indian medical diagnostic industry, expected to touch USD 20 billion by 2026, with a significant contribution from the pathology segment, sets the stage for Transasia’s role. As a leader in the Indian IVD industry, we are committed to creating a Healthier and Happier world with launches in 2024 tailored to India’s needs for affordability and accessibility, especially in tier II – IV towns.

With five manufacturing units in India and two overseas plants, including Europe and the USA, we are working hard to meet global demand. Anticipating the huge demand for new products, we are constructing the largest “Factory of the Future” to meet the needs of over 150 countries.

In recognizing our role as more than a mere diagnostic provider, we are committed to offering integrated solutions that go beyond products. Our focus extends to providing comprehensive training and up skilling opportunities for technical personnel in laboratories.

Undoubtedly, we take immense pride in being India’s leading diagnostic solutions company, holding the esteemed position of the number one choice in the Indian IVD industry. This achievement is made possible by the largest team of dedicated sales and service professionals, which continues to grow and reach even the remotest towns and villages.

As we uphold our mission to be the preferred partner for doctors and patients worldwide, we remain dedicated to making a lasting impact in the landscape of diagnostics, healthcare, and the overall well-being of millions. Looking ahead to 2024, we embark on another new journey with the anticipation of creating a significant difference, solidifying our commitment to excellence on a global scale. 

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