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Festivals may turn out to be super spreader events: NITI Aayog

Member (Health), Niti Aayog, Dr. V.K. Paul:  “While the conditions appear to be stabilising, there is a worry that during winter, the pandemic may spread further and the situation may go out of control. Winter is conducive to the spread of respiratory viruses and therefore, more precautions need to be taken. In Europe and US, it is clear that with the onset of winter, the number of cases have gone up, though there may be several other factors.”

“In view of these facts, we cannot be lax and we need to be well prepared. This is also the festival season, during which we come together and it may lead to the spread of virus. The festivals may turn out to be super spreader events.”

“The change in behaviour, which includes wearing masks and maintaining social distancing, will make the real difference. The public awareness movement should be unprecedented, as is the disease in our lifetime.”

Dr. Paul urges the media to also run awareness campaigns. – The Hindu

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