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Govt allows import of used critical care gear

A shortage of critical care equipment has forced the use of life-saving equipment imported into India to be allowed for reuse due to the prevalent Covid-19 situation, though it is included in the Prohibited Section as ‘Hazardous Waste’.

Considering the potential use of such equipment during epidemics, the Ministry of Environment has granted “one-time permission” to allow the use of such critical care equipment for reuse.

The ministry said in its order, “In view of the existing cowardly situation in the country and the possible use of these equipments in the ongoing epidemic, the ministry has decided to allow one-time import of critical care equipment for reuse. There is that use. ”

“Such equipment is covered under the Annex-9 of the Basel Convention and requires prior informed consent because of the potential for hazardous content. Therefore, it is critical to monitor its use and track it to the end of life,” Satish said. Sinha, Associate Director, Toxics Link.

In an office memorandum issued last week, the ministry also referred requests pending before the court to relax the provisions of Schedule 6 of the Risk and Other Waste Rules 2016, which prohibits the importation of “critical reusable care equipment used under Basel”. Ub24News

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