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Hyderabad hospital turning away COVID-19 patients turning away due to lack of saline stands

The District Hospital, King Koti, struggling to combat the immense crowd of corona patients coming in every day, falls short in saline and turns away patients.

King Koti Hospital, which is amongst the three state-run Covid hospitals is forced to turn away patients due to the lack of necessary equipment. As reported by the Times of India, Dr Marri Mallikarjun, an officer of King Koti Hospital, admitted being short of IV stands.

The hospital is currently facing problems to keep up with the influx of corona infected patients. There is an acute shortage of oxygen flow meters which is vital in the treatment of covid patients. “Oxygen flowmeters are essential in the oxygen supply and in its absence, the supply will completely stop,” added a senior doctor as reported by Times of India.

“Since we do not have super speciality facilities, we are also forced to send back patients who require gynaecology, paediatrics or cardiology super speciality, but we have been treating the majority of the cases. We can easily handle patients with oxygen saturation levels of up to 83-95%, but we are also getting some patients with 70-73% saturation levels being redirected to us,” Dr Mallikarjun said to Times of India.

On a contrary to this the hospital, the administration denies having redirected patients. “We are even admitting co-morbid patients with 93% saturation. Only in cases, where the patients may not require an ICU set up, we are redirecting them. If there is a patient whose condition is likely to deteriorate quickly, we do not send them away.” said Dr M Raja Rao. superintendent of Gandhi hospital to Times of India. Times Now News

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