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Indore: Intravascular ultrasound machine at DNS Hospital

The advanced machine for intravascular ultrasound was installed at DNS Hospital with which patients will get exact information about the blockages in the heart, stent size, its diameter and other information during angioplasty.

According to cardiologist Dr Nirag Tupkar, “The advanced technology of intravascular ultrasound is widely used in US and European countries and it is available in metro cities in our country. It is the first machine in Indore and it will eliminate the chances of a patient going for bypass surgery to an extent.”

He said that the machine is also helpful for the patients suffering from kidney ailments as doctors can get accurate information about the problem and blockages of patients and can provide targeted treatment.

Talking about post COVID difficulties, Dr Tupkar said, “The impact of COVID-19 goes beyond the lungs to impact the cardiovascular system and cause complications in the kidneys, brain and other organs, and critical patients often require care from a multidisciplinary care team. About 40 per cent of COVID-19 patients have cardiovascular or cerebrovascular disease and studies have now shown that patients with pre-existing heart diseases, previous heart attacks, or low-pumping efficiency of the heart (heart failure) are at a greater risk of developing serious Covid-19 infection. Therefore, heart patients must protect themselves and should not be afraid to seek medical attention at the earliest.” The Free Press Journal

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