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Let all Get Proper Healthcare: Finance Minister Behera

Maternal and neonatal healthcare should be given utmost priority. Starting from the village level to people who are staying in the tribal area, everyone has got the right to get proper healthcare, said Finance Minister Shashi Bhushan Behera inaugurating a district-level workshop on maternal, neonatal and child health, organized by the People’s Cultural Center (PECUC) in collaboration with the  Adoptioncentrum here. The Minister further emphasised that people should be aware of the schemes and facilities of the Government so that they will be saved from the extra expenses they are spending in private hospitals. Former Health Director Dr Seba Mohapatra emphasized that proper care should be given on the nutrition and cleanliness of the mother during the antenatal, natal and postnatal period. Ruby Rout, Country Director of Adoptioncentrum stressed on participation of all the stakeholders.

PECUC secretary Ranjan Kumar Mohanty gave the welcome address and shared the objective and purpose of the workshop. Chairperson PECUC Adaramani Boral chaired the session. Dr Subhendu Nayak, CGM, OSDMA, Akshya Biswal, Chairman, IAG, Odisha, Dr Dharanidhar Nanda, Joint Secretary, Women and Child Development Department and Dr Nirmala Dei , RMCHA, consultant (Technical), Department of Family Welfare spoke. Dr SN Swain, former CMO, Capital Hospital, chaired the second technical session. Dr Asish Kumar Sen, Adjunct Professor, Centurian University and Sravani Das, State facilitator, PCPNDT, Department of Health and Dr Bijay Kumar Swain, Consultant Quality Health Assurance (Technical), NHM, discussed about quality health services for children, adolescents and mothers and about SDG and it aims to reduce IMR and MMR. – Daily Pioneer