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Mass spectrometers

A triple quadrupole LC/MS system, it is ideally suited for peptide quantitation as well as applications that require ppt sensitivity. It features third-generation iFunnel design and VacShield for easy maintenance.

From rapid screening to comprehensive target characterization, FLEX series instruments provide reliable results.

PerkinElmer (NOW Revvity)
NexION® 5000
A multi-quadrupole ICP-MS, it delivers exceptionally low background equivalent concentrations and outstanding detection limits.

Shimadzu Analytical
First triple quadrupole with smart productivity for high efficiency sample throughput, smart operation for quick and easy method development, and smart performance for low detection limits and scan/MRM.

Featuring enhanced instrument functionality, analysis software, databases, and a sample introduction system, helps maximize the capabilities of the laboratory.

The LCMS-8060NX is a triple quadrupole mass spectrometer with world-class sensitivity and detection speeds, advance features of IonFocus unit, new analytical intelligence-derived parameters optimization and new heated ESI design, enhances perfromance, sensitivity and robustness. LCMS-8060NX maximize your laboratory’s output and improves workflow efficiency.

Offers high-sensitivity quantitation delivered at high speeds, rapid multi-component analysis, simultaneous qualitative and quantitative analyses, Uf scanning at 30,000 u/sec, Uf switching-positive/negative Ionization switching in 5 msec, UF-MRM at 555 ch/sec.

Shimadzu’s MS interface includes a high-sensitivity heated ESI source, heated capillary sample introduction, and proprietary ion transfer optics, produce robust MS performance.

The LCMS-2050 provides both high speed and high sensitivity analysis even in a small design. We have achieved the utmost in both miniaturization and high performance with Shimadzu’s technology cultivated over many years of MS development. A single platform, a single solution for LC detection, the LCMS-2050 has the power to deliver better results with incredible simplicity and unparalleled robustness. It may be small but the design and capability of the new single quadrupole LC/MS will change the productivity of any analytical laboratory.

LCMS-9030 (Q-TOF LC/MS System)
LCMS-9030 quadrupole time-of-flight (Q-TOF) mass spectrometer integrates the world’s fastest and most sensitive quadrupole technology with TOF architecture.

With its newly developed collision cell and optimized internal structure, the ICPMS-2030 provides superior sensitivity. The quantity of argon gas needed for analyses has been greatly reduced to the industry’s lowest levels. As a result, low running costs are assured. The development assistant function of the software automatically sets the optimal analysis conditions for quantitative analysis. Then after measurements are complete, the diagnosis assistant function automatically checks the validity of the necessary data. It complies with FDA 21 CFR Part 11.

Fully Automated Sample Preparation Module for LCMS® Minimizes human error. Increases laboratory efficiency by allowing user to directly place the sample in system.

Thermo Fisher Scientific
Orbitrap Exploris 240
Discover workhorse versatility from confident proteomic and small-molecule identification and quantitation to biopharmaceutical characterization and in-depth sample-profiling.

FAIMS Pro Duo Interface
Designed for inexperienced users to easily install and use. Leverage online CV optimizaiton routines and menu-driven software to design methods and quickly achieve results.

Thermo Scientific TSQ Altis/Quantis
Selectivity – Best performance in the market at 0.4/0.2Da FWHM which shows sensitivity with selectivity, flexibility – High sample throughput (multi-channel) and high performance LC, Ion Chromatography. Suitable for all kind of ionization sources (ESi, APCi, APPi, FAIMS, Duet, Verispray) Robust and reliable high and non-flow options, Speed – 600 SRMs/sec enables higher throughput, better performance at lower dwell times.

Thermo Scientific™ TSQ Altis/Quantis™ MD
Achieve IVD compliance with sensitivity, remarkable speed, and robustness for quantitative analysis. Powered by Thermo Scientific™ TraceFinder™ LDT software, which provides a workflow-oriented approach to high-throughput quantitation via an administrator console to access user-based permissions, data repositories and auditing configuration. Advanced triple quadrupole technology consistently and reproducibly delivers best-in-class sensitivity. Ultra-rapid selected-reaction monitoring enables robust quantitation of more compounds faster. Automated compound optimization and intuitive instrument interface increases productivity.

Waters India
Xevo TQD Tandem
A triple quadrupole MS, it is designed for routine quantitative UPLC-MS/MS applications.

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