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In Vitro Diagnostics


BD India
Bactec FX Series
Automated blood culture systems with resin based media.

Beacon Diagnostics
Stained Salmonella Antigen Set
Reagent kit for qualitative detection of qntibodies to Sal. typhosa, Paratyphi A & B by rapid slide test that gives quick results in 1 min.

Febrile Antigen Set
Reagent kit for quantitative detection of antibodies to Sal. typhosa, Paratyphi A & B by tube test method.

Non- treponemal test for detection of reagin antibodies developed against syphilis by flocculation methods.

Latex Serology
Qualitative slide test for detection of RA / ASO / CRP in human serum samples giving quick results in just 2 mins.

Beckman Coulter
DxM MicroScan WalkAway
Trusted detection of emerging and critical antimicrobial resistance with gold-standard MIC accuracy.

MicroScan WalkAway plus System
Stay in the forefront of ID/AST testing while streamlining workflow through intelligent automation.

MicroScan autoSCAN-4 System
Semi-automated system for detecting difficult organisms or as a primary instrument for low-volume usage.

Mass spectrometry microbial identification system.

VITEK® MS IVD and VITEK® MS research use only software combination.

Automated instrument for ID/AST testing.

Get innovation in septicemia diagnosis for any size laboratory with the BACT/ALERT® 3D automated microbial detection systems.

State-of-the-art, automated microbial detection system, BACT/ALERT system offers advantages in every dimension of microbial detection testing. It detects the presence or absence of microorganisms in blood & sterile body fluids.

Automated instrument for ID/AST testing for rapid, accurate ID/AST testing through full automation.

New-generation mass spectrometry microbial identification system for routine microbial identification for faster time to results and improved patient management.

HiMedia Laboratories
AM01: Autof ms1000.

TVG96: Endotoxin Assay Kit (gel-clot).

MPK020: HiMIC™ plate kit.

HiAirFlow: Air samplers.

M2114: HiCrome™ C.auris (MDR) Selective Agar Base.

LA1011: HiMono Auto GramStainer™.

LA999: HiDuo Auto GramStainer™.

LA1014: HiAuto AFB Smear™.

LA1016: HiAuto LBC Smear™.

LA999: HiDuo Auto GramStainer™.

LA1014: HiAuto AFB Smear™.

LA1016: HiAuto LBC Smear™.

LA001: HiLoop auto steriliser.

LA832: HiLoop electric sterilliser.

LA715: Glass bead sterilizer.

LA1142: HiBioKem IDTM.

LA1143: HiCFU Counter CTM.

Air sampling system for monitoring the microbial quality of critical environment:
LA002 & LA637,

LA474: Air Petri Mark II,

LA881: Air Petri Mark III,

LA724: HiAirflow Economical,

LA1058: HiEco Airflow Sampler, and

LA1071: Microbial Air Sampler.

Anaerobic systems for the culturing of anaerobe microorganisms: LE002 – Mark II, LE003 – Mark III, LE012 – Mark V, and LE013 – Mark VI.

A perfect choice of Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing HiMIC™ Plate kits for in-vitro determination of antibiograms and minimum inhibitory concentration of antibiotics against microbes: MPK060–Vancomycin, MPK071 – Amphotericin B, and MPK073 – Itraconazole.

TM Media (Titan Biotech Ltd.)
TMP 017 Ready-to-Use Sheep Blood Agar Plates
Compliance with USP/IP/JP/EP/BP and extended shelf life for hassle-free microbiological testing.

TM 379 MacConkey Agar (W/ 0.15% BILE SALTS, CV & NaCl)
For selective isolation and differentiation of coliform organisms and other enteric bacteria from various samples.

TM 349 MacConkey Agar (W/O CV, W/ 0.15% Bile Salts, & NaCI)
For isolation and differentiation of lactose-fermenting and lactose-non fermenting enteric bacteria.

TM 1898 MacConkey Agar
The composition of the medium allows for rapid cultivation of Enterococcus faecalis within 18 hours of incubation.

TMK 308S Blood Culture Bottle
A sterile, high-performance solution for accurate microbial detection comes in two sizes: adult and pediatric.

TM 1199 Chromogenic UTI Agar
Rapidly detect and differentiate urinary tract infections with high accuracy.

TM 1197 Chromogenic Candida Agar
Identify Candida species in clinical samples with excellent specificity and ease.

TK 004 Gram’s Stain Kit
An excellent tool for significant microscopy. Get the best visibility for organisms.

TK 001 ZN Acid Fast Stain Kit
An excellent identification tool for acid fast microorganisms.

Antibiotic Sensitivity Discs
70+ discs include antibacterial and antifungal varieties. All of the discs are CE-approved and have concentrations that meet the CLSI guidelines.

Transport Swab With Medium
Wide range to securely preserve and transport clinical samples, ensuring sample integrity and accurate diagnostics.

Dehydrated Culture Media
Over 2000 DCM ensure comprehensive microbiological analysis for every application.

TME 001 Infrared Sterilizer for Inoculation Loops
Precise, rapid sterilization with intelligent temperature control and effortless maintenance with zero pollution emissions.

TME 003 Microbial Air Monitoring System
An ISO-validated lightweight design, customizable volumes, and a user-friendly interface.

TME 004 Microbial Air Monitoring System
Achieve compliance with PC connectivity, remote control access, and ISO-validated precision in air sampling.

TME 005 Microbial Air Monitoring System
Streamline the air sampling process with PC connectivity, portability, extensive data storage, and secure user management, and simultaneously print data with the Bluetooth printer.

Thermo Fisher Scientific
Sensititre ID/AST system
Scalable automation option to fit every lab for performing ID/AST accurately with small footprint. Achieve TRUE MIC using gold standard BMD method of any isolate – GN, GP, Anaerobes, Mycobacteria, Yeast & Mold – for latest antimicrobics customized panel options available for surveillance & research.

Thermo Scientific™ Culti-Loops™ range
Save time and reduce the risk of infection and contamination with Culti-Loops direct-streak inoculating loops. These ready-to-use, gel-preserved microorganisms do not require rehydration or organism handling and give you confidence with complete traceability of ATCC®* license derivative and NCTC cultures.

Other players include Bruker, CPC Diagnostics, DK Enzymes & Chemicals, ELITechGroup, Merck Millipore, Microxpress, Suyog Diagnostics, Stago, STA Satellite Max and Trivitron.

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