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J. Mitra & Co.
The 4th Generation HIV TRI DOT+ Ag test is a visual, rapid, sensitive and accurate immunoassay for the differential detection of HIV-1 p24 antigen and HIV-1 & HIV-2 antibodies (IgM,IgG & IgA) in human serum or plasma. The test is a screening test for p24 antigen (HIV-1), anti-HIV-1 & anti-HIV-2.

Diagnos Celiac Card
A visual, rapid, sensitive and accurate one step immunoassay for the qualitative detection of anti tTG IgA, IgG & IgM antibodies in human serum or plasma. The assay is intended to be used as an aid in the recognition and diagnosis of Celiac disease.

Poly Medicure
Rapid Kits
For rapid detection of malaria, dengue, HIV, HBV, HCV, typhoid, and Covid-19.

Sowar Medical
Blood Gas and Electrolyte Analyzer
Fluorescence and reflectance technology. Measured parameters – pH, pCO2, pO2, tHb, sO2, Na+, K+, Ca+ Cl-, Glucose & Lactate with future upgradation facility. Calculated parameters – More than 15 derivatives e.g. HCO3-, ABE, TCO2, p50, AaDO2, Anion Gap, Hct, SO2 etc.

Plasma Innovations
Plasma donation system.

Blood center solutions

  • Whole blood collection with leukocyte filter blood bags;
  • Component collection system;
  • Blood separation and component production with automated blood processing system; and
  • Pathogen reduction system.

Therapeutic solutions, cell collection
Centrifugal apheresis system.

Cell therapy technologies

  • Cell expansion system; and
  • Cell therapy fill and finish system.

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