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Laser Equipment – Blaze Prime
65W/ 100W: Advanced Short & Long Pulse laser technology with Turbo Cooling System and selective pulse duration for Lithotripsy, HoLEP, BPH Treatment, Tumor (Bladder, UUT), BNI & Strictures.

Laser Equipment – Blaze
30W/35W: Able to fragment / dusting of any composition, any size and any type of kidney stone; Better dusting and fragmentation using long and short pulse respectively.

Mammography (Analog) 3.5KW/5KW; Anatomical Programming Radiography (APR); Fully Motorized.

Isocentric 5 KW Model.

Full Field Digital Mammography 3.5KW/5KW/8KW; Upgradable to 3D Tomosynthesis (Model specific).

HF 59R / HF 59 Plus
C-Arm with Dynamic Flat Panel Detector (FPD) 15 KW/6KW/3.5KW; dynamic Flat Panel Detector (FPD) available in 21 cm x 21 cm and 30 cm x 30 cm size (as per user intended applications).

Treadmill test; dual working of acquisition box-stress ECG and resting ECG.

24/32/40 channel Electroencephalograph (EEG); Plug and Play USB with portable EEG; lightweight and compact amplifier with high quality of electrodes; features like Amplitude Integrated EEG (AEEG), CSA/DSA frequency distribution, brain mapping etc.

40 Channel Electroencephalograph (EEG); power spectra and coherence; Irregular heart beat analysis software; features like Amplitude Integrated EEG (AEEG), CSA/DSA.

32/40 Channel Polysomnograph (PSG); automatic detection of apneas and hypopneas; option to convert the data in PDF or media player format for presentation.

2/4 Channel Electromyograph (EMG); work on all Microsoft windows platform; export the data to MATLAB / LAB view.

Hospital Information System (HIS) – Clarity
Hospital Information System; Centralized management of clinical, administrative & financial aspects of a healthcare organization; optimized decision making via real time analytics; stunning, user friendly & intuitive design.

Allen PACS
MIS statistics for top management; viewable on all PCs / workstations / tablets (All OS) (LAN & internet); Optimum image quality & speed; multiple site Integration.

Radiology Information System (RIS)
Complete management of a radiology setup; automated patient data entry in modality work list (MWL); complete integration with PACS.

Laboratory Information
Complete management of pathology setup; automated data entry & retrieval from lab analyzers.

System (LIS)
(LISCOM); auto notifications of test results to clients via SMS; patient billing, reports & statistics.

Allied Medical
Allied Medical 02 Concentrator
5 litre/min oxygen concentrator with purity > 90 percent.

BD India
CSE needles and syringes
Quincke spinal needles
Quincke needles have a unique key/slot arrangement of stylet and cannula hubs that facilitates proper needle bevel orientation.

Spinal kits and sets
Distributes a range of sets that contains a selection of spinal needles and spinal introducers.

Whitacre spinal needles
Whitacre needles are manufactured with proprietary needle tipping, side-port and unique low-glare hub technologies.

Epidural needles and syringes
Epidural catheters
Closed-end catheters are designed to reduce the potential of occlusions and are preferred by clinicians.Epidural continuous infusion kit A kit for epidural anaesthesia procedures with a weiss epidural needle.

Dialysis catheters
A wide range of short and long term dialysis catheters as well as accessories.

BPL Medical Technologies
M-Rad 3.6
100kHz ultra high frequency technology ensures that only useful dose is produced over the entire duration of the exposure while suppressing the skin dose. 3.5 kw output x-ray generator. Semi-concealed cable design for hygienic advantages in hospital use.

EliteView EV8
Standard configuration-ECG, RESP, SpO2, NiBP, temp. Enhanced connectivity-Optional BPL Medius+, central nursing station, USB patient data output, external printer, HL7, FTP server upload.

Nebulizer. BreatheEzee 20
BPL 20 is a 4th Generation vibrating mesh nebulizer, ensures powerful nebulization with high output of fine particles on the go.

Nebulizer. BreatheEzee N8
Ensures powerful nebulization combined with a short, efficient inhalation time & delivery minimal noise operation.

Nebulizer. BreatheEzee N6
Can be used for adults and kids for an easy and comfortable experience. A nebulization rate of 0.25ml/min to 0.5ml/min and a particle size of 3.15 µm. Produces noise less than 55DB (A).

Oxygen Concentrator. Oxy 5 Neo | Oxy 5 Neo Dual
Oxy 5 Neo: Single outlet, Oxy 5 Neo Dual: Double outlet, built-in nebulizer.

Oxygen Concentrator. Oxyflo 5D
5 liter capacity:Dual flow outlet. Model has two separate humidifier bottles with individual bacterial filter.

Bry-Air Asia Pvt Ltd
Compact dessicant dehumidifiers
FFB-600. Lightweight and cost-effective, it is perfect for utilisation in small areas having an imperative need for moisture control. It is designed to integrate small footprint and finish of a commercial unit with the ruggedness of an industrial dehumidifier. The FLB Series pack a big punch in a small box. Offering the largest capacity range in compact dehumidifiers – 170 CMH to 4500 CMH (100 CFM to 2649 CFM), they do not require large space. The vendor is a humidity control partner.

Brandon Medical
Time of day clock; time elapse clock; general lighting; operating light controls; ventilation controls (temperature); UCV controls; door interlock controls.

ORIGIO Gradient Media
Quality media for sperm preparation with high pH to mimic in vivo physiological conditions and stimulate higher motility.

PVP Clinical Grade
7 percent & 10 percent PVP for slowing down the movement of the spermatozoa for ICSI.

PVP Medium
10 percent PVP for slowing down movement of the spermatozoa for ICSI.

Sperm Preparation Media
Sperm Preparation Medium for sperm wash and isolation of motile viable sperm by swim-up.

A semi viscous medium containing Hyaluronan for slowing down the movement and for selection of an individual sperm.

Contains taurine and EDTA For efficient sperm preparation by the density gradient method.

HBA Assay
A diagnostic tool with dual Hyaluronan coated chambers for sperm sample evaluation.

Makler Chamber
Reusable sperm counting chamber.

The PICSI® dish is an ICSI dish with Hyaluronan microdots for easy sperm selection.

Sage 1-Step
A single step medium for uninterrupted embryo culture.

ORIGIO Sequential Series
The ORIGIO Sequential Series helps support development as the embryo goes through the changing metabolic and physiological phases.

Culture Media with GM-CSF
SAGE® 1-Step™ GM-CSF, EmbryoGen® and BlastGen™ make up the first culture media suite containing the recombinant human cytokine GM-CSF Factor.

Quinn’s Advantage Sequential Media
Designed to combine the most beneficial components of currently available media formulations to emulate the in vivo conditions of the embryo during development to the blastocyst stage. Available in different protein options.

Global total LP
Single-step medium, bicarbonate buffered, for D1-5 embryo culture and transfer.

Global total
Single-step medium for uninterrupted embryo culture.; Ready-to-use with 5 mg/ml LifeGlobal® Protein Supplement.

The original single-step, protein-free medium for uninterrupted embryo culture; single-step medium for uninterrupted embryo culture.

Global HP
Culture of human embryos from zygote to blastocyst, embryo transfer. A higher protein option for embryo culture medium.

LifeGlobal HTF
High quality fertilization and cleavage embryo culture media. Available with and without HEPES.

MediCult IVM System
For preincubation and maturing of immature oocytes. First ever commercial IVM product.

SAGE in-vitro Maturation Media
Used for the in-vitro maturation of immature oocytes, subsequent fertilization, and embryo development.

For transfer of embryos and blastocysts.

Biopsy Micropipette
Origio & TPC micropipettes are designed for biopsies are available in different sizes and design for polar body, blastomere or trophectoderm biopsy procedures.

ICSI Micropipette
ICSI micropipettes from Origio & TPC are used to aspirate and inject the sperm directly into the oocyte.

Holding Micropipette
A wide range from Origio & TPC range, carefully designed holding pipettes are available that ensure stability of your oocyte during ICSI.

Denudation and Handling Pipette
Our Stripper and EZ range of micropipettes are designed for manipulation and transfer of oocytes and embryos during IVF procedures. The wide range of tip sizes and meets all the needs of a clinical and research lab.

IVF Pasteur Pipette
The IVF Pasteur Pipets used for varied purposes are made from high-purity borosilicate glass and have fire polished tips and does not scratch the dishes.

Wallace AIC18 IUI Catheter
A premium intra-uterine insemination catheter featuring a smooth tip and formable outer sheath for optimal control over placement within the uterus.

Wallace Trial Transfer Catheter
Trial transfer catheters allow for confident positioning of the outer sheath before introducing the embryo loaded inner.

Wallace Sure-Pro
The Sure-Pro embryo transfer catheter feature a supported and soft tipped inner catheter, utilizing the Wallace Classic design.

Wallace Classic
The Classic range offers a soft-profiled tip associated with some of the highest pregnancy rates across the world.

Wallace Sure-Pro Ultra
Wallace Sure-Pro Ultra embryo transfer catheters with ultrasound visibility are designed to suit various techniques and clinical situations, offering the benefits of softness, smoothness, and safety.

Wallace SureView
The unique SureView catheter allows full visibility under ultrasound guidance whilst incorporating the hand-crafted tip of the widely successful Classic catheter.

Wallace Malleable Stylet
Wallace Malleable Stylet for difficult transfers.

Wallace Single Lumen Oocyte Retrieval Needles
The single lumen needle range features a tri-faceted tip ensuring optimal sharpness and accuracy during placement. The needle is available as a stand-alone unit and with a variety of tubing lengths to suit clinical preference.

Wallace Dual Lumen Oocyte retrieval needles
Dual lumen oocyte aspiration needle range features a fully integrated flushing line running from hub to needle tip. Available in different needle gauge and tubing lengths.

ORIGIO Handling
ORIGIO Handling is a modern, ready-to-use handling medium with a dual buffer (HEPES/MOPS) that meets the need for stable pH level outside of the incubator on a broad range of ART procedures.

SAGE Hyaluronidase
Designed to facilitate the in vitro preparation of gametes prior to micromanipulation procedures, such ICSI, assisted hatching, and embryo micromanipulation/blastomere removal.

For the removal of the cumulus complex and corona radiate surrounding the oocyte in preparation for ICSI.

ORIGIO SynVitro Hyadase
Used for the removal of the cumulus complex and corona radiata surrounding the oocyte in preparation for ICSI.

Flushing Medium
ORIGIO flushing medium for retrieval, holding and washing of oocytes.

Quinn’s Advantage Medium with HEPES
Developed for in vitro procedures involving manipulation of gametes and embryos not requiring the use of a CO2 incubator.

SAGE Vitrification Solutions
SAGE Vitrification Kit is a cooling and warming vitrification media kit for all stages that offers maximum flexibility and efficiency to meet most preferences.

VitriFit Vitrification Carrier
VitriFit is a vitrification carrier for storage of oocytes, embryos and blastocysts; it works with all stages and with all media kits. It is designed to maximize efficiency and flexibility – both in shape and function. The innovative hexagonal shape allows tighter packaging during storage, increasing storage efficiency by up to 50 percent.

Sperm Freezing Media
Developed to maximize sperm survival and to maintain DNA integrity and function after cryopreservation.

Quinn’s Advantage Sperm Freezing Medium
A HEPES-buffered salt solution containing 10 mg/mL human serum albumin, gylcerol and sucrose as the cryoprotective agent (CPA), and gentamicin as an antibiotic.

Oil for tissue culture by SAGE
Oil for Tissue Culture by ORIGIO is a high-quality, pharmaceutical-grade, light mineral oil that has been widely used in ART for many years.

LifeGlobal Oils
High-quality, pre-washed, pharmaceutical-grade mineral oils for ART, available in high, medium and low viscosity options.

Liquid Paraffin by ORIGIO
Liquid Paraffin by ORIGIO is a high-quality, pharmaceutical-grade, light liquid paraffin oil that has been widely used in ART for many years. It is pre-washed with HSA-containing media to remove any potential lipophilic and hydrophilic endotoxins.

GPS Dishware
A specially designed dish for IVF procedures with quick embryo location and enhanced optics and visibility. The dishes are made of non-toxic medical grade polystyrene.

Human Serum Albumin
Designed to be used as a tissue culture protein supplement in those applications necessitating additional supplementation.

RI Witness
A complete security and ART lab management system used to track, monitor and record procedures in your lab which needs to be witnessed, helping to free your time and minimize stress.

BT37 Mark II
A benchtop humidified incubator ideal for small to medium IVF labs designed to keep all vital parameters consistent and allows continuous pH monitoring with SignipHy pH monitoring system.

K System G185
Long term flat-bed incubator with ten individual incubation chambers to ensure minimal stress and risk of cross contamination for the embryos.

K System G210
A dry bench top incubator used in IVF labs with high capacity with 6-sided chamber heating to provide optimal temperature and ensures no electromagnetic field around the embryos.

ORIGIO Workstations
Workstations that allow you to process your IVF procedures safely and efficiently comes in 3 product lines depending on your needs namely Fortuna, MARS and Titan.

K-system Workstations
Workstations from K-systems designed according to your needs and requirements of size, application and orientation.

RI Integra
A Micromanipulator for doing ICSI procedure in IVF with some unique features like Thermosafe heating, extremely fast pipette set up, quick & simple pipette angle adjustment, under stage lighting, stop watch, counter and image capture controls built into the stage.

Saturn 5 Laser System
A fixed and directional laser system designed for selective ablation of zona with pinpoint accuracy to access the trophectoderm cells of the embryo for either assisted hatching or genomic tests.

G85 Mini Incubator
The G85 is designed as a satellite incubator to reduce embryonic stress during handling and Ideal for ICSI procedures or to be used inside a workstation.

G95 Portable incubator
The G95 portable incubator is ideal for fieldwork or for safe transport of living cells between satellite labs and includes two fixation inserts to fix warming blocks during transport.

G73 Block Warmer
Designed for heating samples in test tubes and ideal for all sample tubes requiring a stable heating environment.

R65 Trolley
This trolley is designed for the aspiration room and provides an ideal space for media and follicular fluid during oocyte retrieval.

T45 & T47 Warming Plates
The compact design and integrated control panel make the T45 and T47 an excellent solution for keeping your samples or instruments heated in a busy IVF clinic by providing extra workspace or supplement for workstation.

Anti Vibration Table
Made up of High density steel and designed to resist the vibrations during ICSI, IMSI and Embryo biopsy which may occur in some of the clinics by providing mass to the table.

Scanfuge Midi
Low speed centrifuges suitable for IVF applications with a unique autoclavable rotor and can accommodate 3ml, 5ml and 15ml depending upon the rotor and adapter chosen.

Scanfuge Maxi
Low speed centrifuges suitable for IVF applications to accommodate 15ml, 50ml and 100ml tubes.

Pioneer Suction Pump
Designed for Oocyte aspiration, it is a fully adjustable and controlled vacuum down to 500 mmHg with a single vac and dual vac aspiration pump and also FDA cleared and ISO 13485 certified.

RI IVF Thermometer
The RI Thermometer with the specifically designed microprobe allows the user to accurately measure the temperature of heated stages and inside droplets, incubators and refrigerators.

Gas Analyzer
CO2 analyzer specifically designed to verify COsub>2 and Osub>2 concentration in incubators with large data storage and built in gas moisture removal feature.

RI Particle Counter
The HandiLaz® Mini, from RI can be used to monitor safety cabinets, cleanrooms, and HEPA filtered incubators. It provides an on the spot check for your air quality.

Coda Air Filtration System
The ideal air filtration system for IVF laboratories with 4 stage filter system offering multiple line of defense against particulates, biologicals and volatile organic compounds.

ORIGIO Gas Line Filter
Contains a proprietary two-stage filter of activated carbon & potassium permanganate followed by a large HEPA filtration component. Delivers a high level of VOC filtering capacity and is long-lasting for great value.

CodaAir® Positive Pressure System
Reduces the effect of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and aldehydes on embryos, gametes, and staff, and circulates fresh, clean air back into the lab.

Coda® Xtra Inline® Filters
Unique VOC removing filter technology – AldaSorb that removes over 99 percent of all aldehydes, formaldehydes, and acetaldehyde from incoming gas lines.

Peizo valves for gas handling
Peizo valves are small, lightweight, extremely precise, durable, fast, and lower energy by 95 percent when compared to proportional solenoid valves. They ensure exact and reproducible pressure regulation and flow control. The accompanying peizo driver electronics, VAVE-P has all required for peizo technology, thus needing 12-24V to actuate the peizo valves.

Innvolution Group
Coronary Drug Eluting Stents
Offers four models, Eternia, Insignia, Eternia Select and Eternia Nexa.

PTCA Balloon Catheters
Offers five models, Sapphire II, Sapphire II NC, Sapphire II PRO, ScoreFlex, and ScoreFlex NC.

Teleport microcatheter is designed for ultimate torquability, trackability and safety to maximize guidewire support and luminal access in the most complex lesions.

Medical parts
Cost-effective tooling capability combined with skilled engineering resources allows for the manufacture of small production volumes not previously considered economical.

Medical product solutions
Surgical Instruments. Endoscopic graspers & scissors, instrument bodies, scalpel handles, forceps, endoscopy, ablation electrodes.

Orthopedic. Trauma plates, screws, spine (implants & external fixation), orthopedic surgery tools (power & hand).

Mindray Medical
HyPort 3000
Mechanical pendant with modular design having more choice for clinical requirement with visual break management; separated cavity design for electrical & gas outlets; maximum Load capacity of 300 kg and with option of maximum arm length reach to 2500 mm.

HyPort 8000 I/II
ICU beam type pendant, flexible movement of sliding and rotating distributions through shuttle gives more convenience for care givers, dry side and wet side separated for clinical requirement;60 degrees panel for easier plug of gas & electricity.

Provides a simple, compact and cost-effective design for anaesthesia pendant and surgical pendant in OR and ICU pendant to meet the requirement with easy to handle design, hygienic surface with anti-bacteria coating and improved weight bearing capacity.

HyPort 6000/9000
With modular design and efficient braking system is the cornerstone for the pendant stability. With reversed pneumatic design, compressed air is not required to activate the brakes, only to release them. Even in the event of air pressure failure, the arms remain securely fixed in position. Thanks to the thrifty use of compressed air, HyPort has further advantages: low noise and long lifetime.

Poly Medicure
Nouvo Safety Closed IV Catheter System (11980-11986)
Reduces the risk of catheter related blood stream infections & needle stick injuries.

Complete range of central venous catheters, single, double triple & quadruple lumen, meeting the needs of intensive care and emergency medication.

Serum tubes, coagulation tubes, hematology tubes, glucose estimation tubes etc.

HD catheter
Curved/ straight (13472-13476), Y shape introducer needle; Nitinol guide wire; Long handle scalpel blade.

Nebulizer. 91325
For effective medication delivery; Complete kit with adult and child mask.

SCHILLER Healthcare
Neuro navigation & robotics. ROSA One : Brain
Robotic surgical assistance for neurosurgery; can be used in any cranial procedure combining: preoperative surgical planning, precise positioning, and dexterous instrument manipulation.

Neuro navigation & robotics. Easy NAV
Tracking technology Submillimeter accuracy with fastest patinet registration time, zero consumables. complete wireless operation of workflow pinless procedures 2D-3D base navigation and auto patient registration with iCT: BodyTom Portable CT scanner: Scan and navigate on the fly for cranial and spinal applications.

Automatic CPR device. Easy Pulse®
Device used to perform mechanical, multidirectional chest compressions on patients suffering from acute cardiac arrest; Portable, battery-powered device that delivers high quality chest compressions automatically at consistent rate and depth as recommended by AHA.

Holter. medilog® AR
Medilog AR Holter is robust, shock- and splash-proof as well as easy to clean; dual-battery concept, the patients can be screened for more than 14 days; zero-second atrial fibrillation/atrial flutter detection based on true P-wave analysis.

Holter. Darwin 2 Software for Holters
DARWIN2 is designed to maximise speed and ease of use. The automatic analysis of a 24-hour Holter recording takes less than 90 seconds, with extremely accurate results.

Spirometer. SpiroScout
Modern calibration free ultrasound-hardware and latest Windows-based programming techniques enable SpiroScout to fulfill requirements which are needed to be a user friendly spirometry solution.

Accomplishes requirements by Real time exhaled gas determination, Real time ATP – BTPS calculation, Calibration free ultrasound-flow-sensor, Resistance free measuring-sensor.

Standard measuring applications: Flow-volume, spirometry.

Spirometer. SPIROVIT SP-1 G2
All-in-one solution in lung function testing – portable/desktop spirometry for large and small healthcare providers. For portable or desktop use.Respiratory testing without a PC. Using ultrasound technology: highly accurate, maintenance-free and calibration-free. Disposable ScoutTubes for maximum hygiene and patient safety. The ScoutTubes are climate-neutral. FVC, SVC, MVV, Pre/Post testing, wide range of predicted normal values.High resolution built-in thermal printer. Colour LCD–information displayed in real time. Incentive screen for paediatric spirometry. Easy export of spirometry reports as PDF, to store on external media. Highly hygienic sealed keyboard keeping dust, dirt and liquids out.

Spirometer. PowerCube Diffusion Plus
Life long modern calibration free ultrasound-hardware and latest Windows-based programming techniques supplies information regarding lung volumes and diffusion capacity of Lung along with many other respiratory mechanics like MIP-MEP, Nsub>2 washout, provocation, Rhinomanometry, ROCC, capnovolumetry, compliance tests.

Spirometer. PowerCube Body Plus
Lifelong mordern calibration free ultrasound sensor in the body plethysmography application. TGV measuremt application alongwith diffusion capacity of Lung along with many other respiratory mechanics like MIP-MEP, N2 washout, provocation, Rhinomanometry, ROCC, capnovolumetry, compliance tests.

Spirometer. Spandan Spiro
PC based pulmonary function testing. FVC, SVC, MVV and MV can be performed.

Spirometer. CARDIOVIT® CS 200 Excellence ErgoSpiro
Integrated 12-lead exercise ECG with full disclosure analysis program with measurement and interpretation, Duke Treadmill Score, true breath-by-breath analysis of ErgoSpiro Test, Real time acquisition and capturing of dynamic Flow Volume for End Expiratory Volume Loops (EEVL) evaluation of ventilatory limitation, display data and charts through standard Wasserman 9-panel plot or customized 9-panel graph, automatical AT (VT1) and RCP (VT2) detection at the end of each test powerful post-test editing phase for data filtering, calculation of thresholds VT1, VT2, VOsub>2max, V slope.

Spirometer. CARDIOVIT® CS-200 Office ErgoSpiro
Breath-by-breath gas exchange analysis (VE, VO2, VCO2) with unique maintenance-free ultrasonic cell for COsub>2 measurement; easy, quick and fully assisted calibration for highly accurate measurements; charts and data display through standard or user-defined 9 panel;Fully integrated 12-lead exercise ECG with wireless acquisition improves patient comfort;Full disclosure storage of unfiltered and continuous ECG signals; Resting ECG with ETM automatic interpretation; ETM sport for interpretation of athletes’ hearts.

Impulse oscillometry. Tremoflo C-100
Compact & portable device for use with laptop, tablet or PC; fast and easy measurements as patient requires to breathe quietly; patented oscillator technology breath through vibrating mesh. Works on forced oscillometry technique AOS technology.

NIOX VERO measures nitric oxide in human breath (fractional exhaled NitricOxide, FeNO) and nasal nitric oxide (nNO) in the aspirated air from the nasalcavity. NIOX VERO is for use only as an in vitro diagnostic device (IVD) andintended for near patient testing.

Pulse Oximeter. Oxywave
Desktop pulse oximeter with smart pitch tone variation with saturation level, precise Nellcore technology, 24 hours trend.

Skanray Technologies
An electrosurgical unit. Microprocessor-controlled Smart feedback system; monopolar & bipolar modes; soft, Desiccate & Fulgurate coagulation; bipolar coagulation with auto start; and automatic power regulation.

An electrosurgical unit. Microprocessor-controlled Smart feedback system; pre-defined programs; monopolar & bipolar modes; soft, swift, force & spray coagulation; dual output for monopolar coagulation; bipolar coagulation with auto start; automatic power regulation; contact monitoring; and arbitrary spray coagulation.

ECLS (extracorporeal life support system)/ECMO (extracorporeal membrane oxygenation) system
This system performs the heart and lung functions for a patient with life-threatening respiratory or cardiac failure. This is done by inserting a catheter into a blood vessel of the thigh to bring blood outside the body, where it is cycled through a centrifugal pump and membrane oxygenator in a closed state.

Neurovascular Intervention Products

  • Aneurysm therapeutic devices.
  • Embolization devices.
  • Aspiration devices and carotid stent.
  • Access devices as aspiration catheter, clot retrieval device, micro catheter, and Carotid stent.

Cardiovascular Systems
During open-heart surgery, the heart-lung machine temporarily takes over the pumping function of the heart. An oxygenator temporarily takes over the functions of the lungs, exchanging gases including oxygen and then returning oxygenated blood back to the patient via the cardiopulmonary bypass circuit.

Minimal Invasive Surgical Equipment
Elite/Infinity Motorized Digital C-Arm
21 x 21-inch flat panel detector that enables better acquistion, smart touch based user interface and handy tab selection menu, easy touch buttons for motorized movements, uncompromised image quality with edge-to-edge visibility, wide intraoperative imaging applications in orthopaedic, trauma surgery, urology, pain management, gastro, neruo, pmr, interventional radiology and peripheral vascular surgery; DSA – Digital Subtraction Angiography is used in vascular diagnostics.

Elite/Infinity C-Arm with Flat Panel Technology
Flat panel detector that enables better acquisition with 16 bit image processing; world-class 5kW (Elite) & 3.5kW (Infinity) X-Ray generator with ABS for optimized dose; wide intraoperative imaging applications in orthopaedic, trauma surgery, urology, pain management, gastro, neruo, pmr, interventional radiology and peripheral vascular surgery; DSA – Digital Subtraction Angiography is used in vascular diagnostics.

Kiran Surgical C-arm System (Infinity and Elite)
Infinity version with stationary anode and elite version with rotating anode; available with pulse, low dose, boost and single shot fluoroscopy; compact design; 270 ⁰C-arm rotation on both sides, 125⁰ orbital movement; high resolution image capture with digital zoom, real time image capture and USB memory stick support; AERB and BIS approved.

Oxygen Concentrators
iOxy Plus
iOxy Plus is a state-of-the-art high quality, high power oil free oxygen concentrator, with a thoughtful detailed design, iOxy Plus provides multiple noise cancellation functions & visual intelligent control features, the porous muffler hose helps reduce the noise emitted by the air compressor and the noise during denitrogenation, 0.1L visual intelligent control.

Advanced humidity control with minimum condensation, proprietary anti-cross infection design without extra work on disinfection, proprietary algorithm, monitoring nasal pressure and breath rate, comply with higher safety standard for home use, high flow (2-80 LPM), accurate flow control (< 0.5 LPM), dual CPU for safety redundancy, redundant temperature control, intuitive user interface with color LCD touchscreen, full range patient interface (nasal cannula, nasal mask, full face mask & tracheostomy interface).

Suction Machine
iVac 60
Housing: powder coated anti corrosive MS; Jars: Polycarbonate 2×2.5 liters capacity; Overflow protection : Mechanical type; Tubing: Non collapsible suction tubing Vacuum Gauge : 2-inch, 0-760 mmHg; Filter: Bacterial filter,autoclavable/reusable; Pump Type : Oil free twin headed piston pump.

iVac 40
Housing: Complete ABS (plastic); Jars : Polycarbonate 2 x 2.0 liters capacity; Overflow protection : Mechanical type; Tubing: Non collapsible suction tubing; Vacuum Gauge : 3- inch, 0-760 mmHg; Filter: Bacterial filter, autoclavable/reusable; Pump type : Oil free twin headed piston pump.

Anatomage Virtual Dissection Table
Technologically advanced anatomy visualization system for anatomy education, the table contains both life-sized male and female gross anatomy. Including multiple full-body cadavers ensures that students are exposed to anatomical variations, 4. Beyond anatomy education, the table’s application extends to clinical planning and consultation. The anatomage table is FDA cleared for use in assisting medical diagnosis.

Cardiac Assessment System
ST-win and arrhythmia detection; beat to beat data review; manual selection of enlarged median.

10,20,30,60 minutes disclosure; auto/manual mode; longest SCV tach, longest ST episode, max delta ST; multiple trends.

Kiran Ultisys Digital Mobile Radiography
Amorphous silicon flat panel detector with PIN technology, comprehensive mobile radiography solution with 3.5 kW generator output rating, intuitive operation based on Anatomical Program (APR), independent selection of parameters (kV, mAs) with digital display. Spring balanced stand, lightweight to carry and position, large LCD 15-inch touchscreen display. Also available in analog mobile radiography.

Kiran Ultisys Digital Fixed Radiography
Generator options :20/40/52/82 kW output, high data accuracy & reproducibility at shortest exposure time, dual focus rotating anode X-Ray tube, floating tabletop with DR Bucky, vertical bucky stand with DR bucky with integrated high density anti-scatter grid, ceiling free tube stand centered to bucky with fully counter balanced movement. Also available in analog fixed radiography.

Kiran Radiation Protection Gloves
Leaded gloves available in Duo and Mittens for active beam field; made of soft, pliable material, comfortable, non-sterile lead-free, powder-free, disposable high-grip gloves for surgical procedures; available in different variants i.e. max, thin, ultra-thin, cathlab pro, and latex-free.

Kiran -Radiation Protection Aprons
Double Sided Apron. Uniform front and back protection, anti-skid shoulder pads for complete weight distribution, velcro panels for improved fit, two designs-Optima and Maxima. Available in 4 core materials, Leadlite, Ultralite, Zerolead and Zerolead Air.

Skirt and Vest. Specially designed to be worn for longer durations, fully overlapping skirt for adding lower body protection, front opening for ease of wearing, Available in two designs- Optima and Maxima. Available in 4 core materials Leadlite, Ultralite, Zerolead and Zerolead Air.

Coat Apron. Complete frontal protection, easy to wear and remove, ideal choice for short duration, available with thyroid attached option, available design with coat apron front snaplock and coat apron back snaplock.

C-Arm Pro Apron. Anti-skid shoulder pads for complete weight distribution, velcro panels for improved fit, complete frontal protection, available in leadlite core material, lead equivalence- frontal protection-0.50mm Pb,0.35mm Pb.

Kiran’s Radiation Protective Shields
Available in wide range of Protective shield – thyroid shield, head shield, ovarian shield, and gonad shield. available in four core materials-Leadlite, Ultralite, Zerolead and Zerolead Air.

Kiran’s Radiation Protective Accessories
Arm guard, leg guard, patient apron, ct shield, radshield, storage systems and curtains. available in four core materials- Leadlite , Ultralite, Zerolead and Zerolead Air.

Kiran Anti-scatter Grids
Complete range of anti-scatter grids i.e. Standard, Digital, Bucky and Circular grids.

Kiran Cassettes & Screens
Cassettes with film-screen contact, nitrogen-imploded open cell PU foam system, perfectly curved back door profile and textured surface, made of aviation grade aluminum. Screens are durable with outstanding contrast, detail perception and reduction in x-ray dosage with a low mAs.

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