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Modern O2 chamber unveiled at Victoria Hospital

A new state of the art Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber was inaugurated on Monday at BMCRI, Victoria Hospital. A first-of-its-kind in state’s government hospitals, the unit is set up at a cost of Rs 3.5 cr and is used in treating crush injuries, burns, diabetic foot, stroke, vascular injuries and brain problems. After the inauguration, Health Minister Dr K Sudhakar stated that it would cost Rs 3000 to 4000 for a one hour session in the hyperbaric chamber at private hospitals. However, the government is considering providing this treatment for free at BMCRI to make it affordable to the poor, he said.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber is an airtight room which is pressurized with pure oxygen to treat certain infections and conditions. With pressurized pure oxygen in the chamber, the patient will be able to gather more oxygen than usual which is essential to fight certain types of bacteria. The oxygen will further stimulate systems in the body that aid healing.

He further said that the Karnataka government intends to make costly treatments free which will make Karnataka a healthy state. The Hans India

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