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Muthoot Microfin to offer healthcare in rural India via e-clinics

Muthoot Microfin has collaborated with M-SWASTH to set up e-clinics at its branches to offer accessible and affordable healthcare facilities in rural India. The MFI has already launched 12 e-clinics across Kerala, Bihar, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh in the first phase.

According to the WHO, all individuals and communities should be able to access the healthcare they require without financial restraints. People in rural areas, tend to be underserved when it comes to healthcare. To cater to this issue through innovative and disruptive e-clinic model that leverages technology, Muthoot Microfin and M-SWASTH have teamed up to start e-clinics in remote locations across India.

E-clinics are specially designed small kiosks that are equipped with a tablet or laptop for a video consultation with a doctor as well as medical equipment for a basic vitals check-up including temperature, blood pressure, weight, blood sugar, blood count, etc. It is a simple and easy approach to get medical treatment that’s affordable, quick and reaches out to rural areas. The customer and her entire family members can take advantage of the facility.

Trained Asha workers will operate the e-clinics, and dedicated staff will be stationed throughout Muthoot Microfin branch.

Sadaf Sayeed, CEO Muthoot Microfin stated, “We are already addressing the ‘WASH’ related challenges of our customers. This is another remarkable step taking the most advanced and digital health facilities to our customers from the remote, rural villages of India. The people from such places deserve to have the advantages of evolving advancements in the health sector. Our plan is to open the e-clinics in all our branches and hope, this will have a great impact on health and awareness of our customers and the rural India.” LiveMint

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