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Nagpur Sees 100th Kidney Donation

City witnessed a century of kidney retrieval from the brainstem dead donor on September 22 when a family of retired PWD engineer from Gondia gave consent to donate his organs after his death due to intracerebral bleeding at New Era Hospital.

Zonal Transplant coordination centre (ZTCC) Nagpur informed that two kidneys of Wasudeo Hiraman Zode, a retired PWD engineer, were donated to the needy patients in Nagpur. It was 100th and 101st kidney donation since 2013. His eyes were donated to Mahatme Eye Bank.

“59-year-old Zode was admitted at New Era hospital with massive intracerebral bleed with coagulopathy disorder. The hospital tried hard, but he could not be saved. He was declared brain-dead by a team of doctors on September 22,” said Dr Vibhavari Dani, President of ZTCC Nagpur.

Dr Vivek Lanje counselled the family for organ donation. His wife Lalita and son Avinash agreed and gave a written consent. They were willing to donate liver too. But, it was not suitable for transplant. So, kidneys and cornea were donated.

“One kidney was transplanted at the same New Era Hospital on a 40-year-old male patient while the second kidney was donated to a 59-year-old male patient at Meditrina Hospital. His cornea will give vision to two blind people. He has gifted life to four people in this way,” said Dr Ravi Wankhede, ZTCC Nagpur’s secretary.

The first Kidney donation and transplantation in the city was held on April 4, 2013. “Total 160 solid organs were retrieved since 2013 in the city. This is the evidence of the growing awareness about the noble act of organ donation in people,” Dr Wankhede added. ZTCC’s kidney sub-committee chairperson Dr VL Gupta and Dr CP Bawankule provided necessary guidance for the transplant while Nagpur zone coordinator Veena Wathore coordinated the entire retrieval and transplantation process.

At the New Era hospital, a team of doctors under the able guidance of Dr Anand Sancheti and Dr Nidhish Mishra conducted the process smoothly. Neurosurgeon Dr Nilesh Agrawal and Neurophysician Dr Parag Moon declared the patient brain-dead.

Transplant Physicians Dr Shivnarayan Acharya and Dr Piyush Kimmatkar retrieved and transplanted the kidneys to New Era Hospital and Meditrina Hospital’s wait listed patients. – TOI

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