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OPD service started by Paras HEC Hospital at Wellmark Bokaro

OPD services were started in Bokaro by Paras HEC Hospital Ranchi to provide high quality medical facilities to the people of Bokaro in association with Wellmark Hospital Bokaro which is centrally located at Steel City and day by day excelling new heights in terms of setting up higher medical standards. Dr Satish who is the chairman of Wellmark Hospital and Renowned Heart Specialist has expressed deep satisfaction on this collaborations and said his all approach is to help the citizens of Bokaro with all high level medical infrastructure requirements at local level so that peoples of distrcts and surrounding need not to travel long distance at least for better treatments which people of this city always deserved but somehow certain gaps were there hence my 360 degree round the clock efforts is to nullify this gaps.

It is noteworthy that from August 10, OPD centre has been started at Wellmark Hospital Bokaro on behalf of Paras HEC, super specialty hospital of Ranchi. This OPD has been started with the aim of providing high quality and accessible medical treatment to the residents of Bokaro. The objective behind this collaboration is to ensure that peoples will be no needed to go far for the treatment of all kinds of critical problems like nerve-brain diseases, kidney disease, gallstones, hernia, piles, prostate related diseases, etc. Also one can get information by contacting Outreach OPD and contacting the helpline number 90318 22852 / 929799 1020 for enrolment.

During the OPD outreach launch Dr Suhas Aaradhe Regional Director, Paras Healthcare Group says Successful treatment is available in Paras HEC Hospital for almost all critical diseases. Paras Hospital always put efforts for the best health facilities so that it can be reached to every citizen and a healthy India can be built. Dr Sanjay Kumar ( Medical Director and Vice Chairman Neuroscience Department Paras HEC Hospital Ranchi) while addressing media on the occasion said that Paras HEC Hospital wants to provide one such health care service equipped with high and latest technology with a large team of trusted doctors so that the trust in the State doctors and local medical infrastructure gets increased . During this occasion on behalf of Paras HEC Hospital Ranchi, Dr Nitesh Kumar, Dr Major Ramesh Das (General Surgeon), Dr Narendra Kumar Bhonsle (Cardiac Surgeon), Dr Ashutosh Kumar Thakur (Diabetologist), Dr Soumik Chatterjee (Urologist), Dr Kumar Vishal (Ortho Surgeon) were also present. Daily Pioneer

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