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Open Medical Store On Hospital Premises 24×7

The medical store at Deen Dayal Upadhyay Hospital remains closed on Sunday. People rush to government hospitals as emergency services are available on all days. My daughter is not well and I took her to the hospital and the medicine prescribed by the doctor was not available at another store. When I went to the store, which is on the premises of the hospital, I found it closed. What is the use of opening medical stores in hospitals, if these are not open 24X7. — Nisha, Chakkar

Lack of parking space in Mandi

Due to lack of parking space, commuters face a great difficulty in passing through public places in Mandi. Two-wheelers are seen parked at the Indira market and a few other places, meant for strolling. The Municipal Council should construct parking lots. — Dohan Thakur,  Mandi

Kunnu-Gajon-Chhari road in need of repairs

The Kunnu-Gajon-Chhari road under Padhar sub-division is in bad shape as the Public Works Department (PWD) has covered the road with muck for smooth vehicular movement. But due to rain lashing the region for the last three days, the road has become slippery, posing a threat to commuters. Instead of throwing muck on the road, the PWD should have repaired it properly. — Mahender Singh, Padhar – The Tribune